andependium – whee!

I solemnly swear that’s a different picture of the filler pattern to the one I posted earlier this year, even though it’s pretty much identical.

I can’t believe how quickly that seems to have gone. I thought it would be the end of August before I finished that, not July. I really do feel like I have a chance to finish this in time for Nottingham now (which is the last weekend inOctober, btw), and I have the extra motivation of a teensy little wager.

If I fail to finish this by Nottingham, I have to buy Gareth a bottle of single malt, cos the smug git is convinced I wont, but if I do he has to buy me a box of chocolates – and before you think he’s gettign of lightly, I should point out that I have extremely expensive taste in chocolate and he wont get away with less than Lauden or Maison du Chocolat.

And in other news, every time I go looking for something in my workshop I keeping finding this instead

 Pretty, isn’t it? And no, I don’t have freakishly small hands, that there is one whopping lump of amber.

Trouble is I must have had it nearly twenty years now and I still have no clue what to do with it.

I don’t wear modern jewelery, so that would be pointless. (I’m not inclined to wearing it anyway, but Gareth thinks all jewelery is chavvy so he pickpockets s it if I do make the effort)

I dont have the skill to carve it, and it would be a shame to hack it up cos its pretty.

I did originally think of setting it in a Viking pendant like those Russ ones with the big crystal balls, but there not much evidence for amber having been set that way.

Am starting to think maybe I should work it into some non-wearable medieval bling like a reliquary or something, as even if I do find a piece of jewelery to work it into, its really a bit too big to be comfortably worn…

~ by opusanglicanum on July 31, 2012.

14 Responses to “andependium – whee!”

  1. Ooh. I like the reliquary idea. You’re right, it’s too lovely to cut up. How about a book cover? Or a casket of some kind?

    • one of the many things I want to make is a book cover, but the amber is quite thick, it might stick out a bit too much, I will eventually come up with something where its three dimensionality cna be used properly

  2. I read something somewhere about a medieval reliquary/amulet that was carried rather than worn – something the size of that lump of amber feels rather like something to hold…

    • there are a wide selection of wearble ones, from crosses with compartments to little boxes – the box type tend to be backed with either enamel or carved mother of pearl (I have a large MOP carving of st george put by to make such a thing) I was thinking of something quite big for this, maybe incorporating into a big freestanding piece – but not a head reliquery, cos they’re bloody creepy

      it does feel nice in the hand though

  3. Amber usually does feel nice in the hand. Other than mounted on a box – only other suggestion is as some form of a belt adornment/clasp.

    On some form of hair slide/piece…..

  4. I’m all for bell shrines – nice ones in the British Museum. I make them in textiles, of course, but they are a lovely size and you could put the amber on the side or the top. It looks really beautiful. I can see why you would want to wear it. Is Gareth really iffy about jewellery? The Medieval Historian is tolerant!

    • I am thinkning more and more towards something religious for the amber. I think more and more that its too big to wear, as I dont really go for big jewellery at the best of times.

      gareth is more than iffy about jewellery – so much so he keeps saying how nice it is that I dont have peirced ears (I’ve nver bothered getting them done cos I know I’m too lazy to remember to wear earrings every day) and dont get him started on tattoos…

  5. The top of a scepter?

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