Antependium panel seven

Rekjahlid Antependium, seventh panel in order of works, first in order or narrative. I checked, it is the birth of the virgin mary, but my book doesn’t say who the adults are – I think it presumes the reader to know more Maryan lore than I do.

I’m not sure I spelled Maryan right, but I love that Maryan is an actual word.

I also took a detail shot of this one, to show the level of detail that isn’t really apparent at first glance – triple lining and the use of couching threads in a contrasting colour to extend the limited pallete. I swear its the double and triple lines that take all the time with this piece.

~ by opusanglicanum on August 22, 2012.

12 Responses to “Antependium panel seven”

  1. More amazing work. When I clicked on your images so I could see them on a full screen, they loaded upside down, but I was able to see everything alright when I stood on my head and looked. 🙂 Lovely to see!

    • ah – thats because the extra large frame is a bit wobbly, so its easier for me to take the pic upside down then rotate it in wordpress edit, which obviously doesn’t hold with enlargement!

  2. “Marian” is the word for things pertaining to Mary. I know it’s confusing as it also a given name in English, but there you have it. The adults are probably St. Anne, a midwife, and St. Jochaim.

  3. That explains that then. Fantastic work.

  4. That’s probably who they are, but the absence of haloes on the two standing people is rather puzzling. The woman lying in the bed would logically be St. Anne, Mary’s mother, except that she has a square halo, which is traditionally reserved for holy people who are still alive at the time the painting is made. It could be a portrait of a contemporary woman acting as midwife, but that still doesn’t explain why the two standing figures — who would then be Mary’s parents St. Anne and St. Joachim — don’t have haloes.

    • I would interpret the square as a pillow, since she’s sitting up in bad – esp as in panel five mary is sitting up in bed for the nativity scene and has both halo and pillow. In all the panels I dont think anyone apart from mary, jesus or the angels haloes. I’d vote the woman in bed is st anne

  5. The details are lovely and bring the whole thing to life – gorgeous!

    • I had it next to a blown up pic of the original and its so much brighter. I’m glad i decided to just go with how my veg dyes turned out, I had replica pieces done in faded colours

  6. Utterly stunning as ever. I love your work so much.

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