New bag

The new bag I made myself for my London trip. I’ve been meaning to make this for ages. The rainbow silk is a weavers sample – hence the many colours – which I was given as a gift by chatelaine silks. I used the whole piece, as it was too pretty to waste any, which led to a slightly wider bag than I really wanted, but it worked well as I could get all my stuff into it for a day out and it was quite lightwieght(my everyday handbag is the same carpet bag I’ve used for nearly  a decade now, I love it, but it wieghs about two pounds before you put anything in it, so isn’t really ideal for wandering round museums all day).

I put a zip in this one, rather than my usual clasp, and lined it with a black floral chintz. The strap and top are denim.

My top tip for small silk items that see heavy use – spray them with fabsil, a silicone tent waterproofer. I do this with all my silk boots since it repels stains as well as water

~ by opusanglicanum on September 7, 2012.

16 Responses to “New bag”

  1. Very nice and thanks for the fabsil tip.

  2. That’s a good tip – thanks. And a lovely bag – great use of the silk!

  3. What beautiful silk! And I had no idea about treating it, either. I’ll have to remember that, since I’ve often thought it would be nice to have a silk bag, but worried about how it would hold up to wear and tear.

    • I spray my silk boots with it, as advised by someone who used to work on aircraft carriers for waterproofing. I realised it stainproofed as well when I was hosting a party and splattered chocoalte cake batter all over a pair of pale pink silk brocade boots – and it just slid straight off without leaving a mark (I’m a messy cook)

  4. Great bag! Very pretty.

  5. The bag is beautiful- nice shape too.
    Thanks for the silk tip and your feedback on how it works.

  6. Very lovely! And such a great use of samples.

  7. Gorgeous as ever. I wouldn’t mind a look in your wardrobe. Chatelaine silks – is that where you get your lovely damask silk from?

    • chatelainea are a reenactment trader, they basically go skip diving at the palce that weaves silks for the queen and get all the interesting roll ends, so ou get fantastic stuff at really reasonable prices

      I was meaning to ask, how long is the exhibition in york and where is it? I get to york now and then(I only live about 40 miles away) so I might be able to go

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