I just had a slight panic moment. I went to the big plastic box where I’ve been storing all the embroidery wools I veg dyed for the antependium (which is a much much lighter box than it was 18 months ago, btw) and thought for a minute that I’d run out of the rich madder red that’s such a predominant colour.

I swear I started to hyperventilate slightly. I mean, first of all no way would I ever match the colour on the next batch( not such a major concern as there are slight dye variations throughout the original anyway), and secondly I don’t have time to dye more thread to finish the thing by Nottingham.

Luckily there was one last cheeky little hank trying to avoid it’s fate by hiding under the rest.

I am breathing again. I just hope it lasts out!


~ by opusanglicanum on September 26, 2012.

17 Responses to “eek!”

  1. I’m glad you found it. I know the feeling of panic. You really are amazing. How much stitching time do you get?

  2. I had the horrible feeling you were going to find a moth or a mouse problem. I once found a half-eaten pin cushion in my mother’s attic. Surely these things are sent to try us.

    • my favourite carrotty orange cloak got nibbled by a mouse when I left it in the utility room to dry out, so I had to shorten it.

      We had a slight cat flea problem earlier in the year, and I sprayed the whole house with the systemic flea spray, and I haven’t seen a moth since – my frined john was having a problem and he said the same whan he sprayed for fleas. I’m very vigilant with moth, lots of things are stored in plasic crates and bags, and I have mothballs in them to boot, but the cat flea spary was so effective I’m tempted to use that once a year as well. John was telling me he found a biological moth control online, but you have to put it near your moth matrix, which seems daft, as if you knew you had a matrix you’d surely throw out the affected item

  3. Wow, I’d definitely have been hyperventilating as well, along with that twitchy sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach! So glad that you managed to unearth the last hank before it succeeded on its bid for freedom!

    • I was worried about finishing the last roundel, as I have the top half still to do, but if push had come to shove I would have been able to substitute my exhaust bath madder (which I haven’t used at all so far) for the top border. glad I dont have to tho. am also glad I did such generous estimate on the amount of wool I dyed!

      • How hard is it to dye your own, in terms of sourcing materials, time and energy? I must admit that my interest is piqued.

      • if you can make soup, you can do natural dyeing. You need a dedicated pot, as some of the mordants are toxic, and it needs to be a sotck pot at least – but my local hardware shop has 20 litre pots for £20 – and you need a couple of large plastic tubs and some stirring sticks. I pre-mordant usually(then the mordanted wool can be used for different dyes and you only have to mordant once), with alum, which means slowly simmering the hanks (which must be wieghed) in a solution of the alum mineral for a few hours – you just keep it below boiling point with most dyes and with mordants, otherwise you mar the colour and texture of the wool. then you keep the alum wool damp and repeat the simmering with a bath of whatever dye you’re using. this applies to most colours other than blue, which is a whole other kettle of soup, and a bit more complicated, but even that not so difficult. you just need a decent basic dye book for the recipes, dyes can be bought from george wiel or several other web companies

        Its slow though – I usually set aside a few days to do it, but you only have to check the pot once every half hour or so

      • Thanks, I’ll look into that!

  4. What a hair-raising moment! I’ve done something similar in my time, and it was utterly terrifying!

  5. I know the feeling. I am not so talented to dye my own thread or make my own cloth, so I rely on the stores. I went back to buy more, very unique, very expensive fabric and found that I must have bought them out of it the last time I was there, as it was no longer being made. Enter the panic.
    I was morosely pawing through the ‘remnants’ section and found about ten yards. Needless to say I bought it all and ran out of there with my treasure!

    Good luck with the rest of the project!

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