antependium -almost there…

Panel nine in the order of work, three in order of narrative, of the Rekjahlid antependium. I think it’s meant to be the betrothal of the virgin, but I could be wrong – I’ll look it up before I post the finished panel.

I had another look through my box of threads, and there really isn’t any more of the good madder red, which leaves me in something of a quandry. You see, I really don’t think there’s enough in one already part-used hank to do the entire top border. I have two hanks of second wash madder…

…but as you can see it’s a much paler colour – in some ways I think it’s more the colour people expect to see from madder. However, having got used to the very rich red throughout this piece I’m finding the idea of doing the top border in orange rather than red a little bit less than exciting. It’s really rather irritating, as I thought I’d dyed more than I needed of everything (I’m using the seventh big hank of red at the moment), but I’ve used far more red than I thought.

It’s a bit of a faff, but I’ve decided to try dyeing more madder red next weekend. I’ve got no gaurantee the new batch will be anywhere near the colour of the old – which is the best madder red I’ve ever achieved – but if I don’t at least try I wont be able to look at the finished piece without internally kicking myself. So I’ll order dye in the morning and hope it arrives by the weekend – annoying, as the madder I used was george wiel’s best stoneground iranian, so to even hope of getting close again I need to use the same quality, and to be honest I try to deal with george wiel as little as possible these days – I liked fibrecrafts, but I really don’t rate them since the merger with george wiel, as I think their customer service is shoddy and their postage rates somewhat pricey.

I’m only dyeing madder next weekend, the rest of the white embroidery wool I have stashed will have to wait until next spring, when I’d mentally set aside the time to do a big dye-fest.

In other news I have a houseguest this week, or rather Branston does – Hobbes is staying whilst Gareth bumbles off to the Lake district to visit his sister, Caz.

As you can see, he has sucessfully located the mid-morning landing sunbeam. Branny visits Hobbes’ house every other weekend, but this is only the second time Hobbes has visited Branny as Gareth doesn’t have a car, and I have to say I’m quite impressed by what a gracious host Branny is being. The only wibble he had was when he caught Hobbes gleefully ripping the feathers from his second favourite toy – luckily I had taken the precaution of hiding his favourite teddy-parrot in the kitchen cupboard before Hobbes arrived!

~ by opusanglicanum on September 30, 2012.

11 Responses to “antependium -almost there…”

  1. Good luck with the dyeing!

  2. I hope you achieve your colour match. Best of luck.

  3. Hope your dyeing is successful! And I agree that no matter how good the product, if the service is under par it doesn’t encourage you to shop there again. A business that doesn’t look after its customers risks losing them altogether … <=)

  4. I think you’re right to attempt a closer match than the second wash madder would be. It might not be spot on, but with luck you’ll get much closer.

    • it doesn’t really have to be an exact match – there are colour variations throughout the originals, adn the yellows I’ve used are from two different batches – its just that I thik the second wash looks a bit wishy washy next to the first

  5. I agree with everyone else – an attempt at a darker madder to match the rest looks like the best choice. Good luck!

    (Also, out of curiosity – dying is not something I’ve yet ventured into. Do you have a favourite sort of yarn to dye? Or a particular weight?)

    • silk is tricky, since if you overheat it it looses its lustre, so I wouldn’t reccomend it for a beginer, but I dye mostly wool and silk – wool is handspun or commercial and this wieght was chosen as being the closest I could get to Appleton’s crewelm which is my preffered commercial embroidery wool. linen isn’t so interesting as it doesn’t tend to take the colours with much intensity, and cotton just doesn’t interst me at all

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