well, that’s just bloody typical!

I just finished blocking the colour for the Antependium top border, and you see that little swirl of red thread sitting on top of the cover cloth? Know what that is?

It’s five threads of the original batch of madder red thread, that’s what that is. And you know just nicely that if I hadn’t spent a weekend dyeing more thread I would have run out, don’t you? All that faff and I ended up not needing it – AAAARGH!

In other news, Gareth brought the big bird of paradise plant in from the balcony for winter, so Branston has been practicing his fierce brave jungle kitty routine…

Mostly though, he sleeps in the dirt and then scatters soil all over the bedroom floor

~ by opusanglicanum on October 17, 2012.

16 Responses to “well, that’s just bloody typical!”

  1. Oh, ha, ha! Lol. (Wiping my eyes.) Sorry for not feeling your pain, but that’s too funny. It’s that Murphy guy again.

    Funny cat. Now that’s it’s cooling down here, Fuzzles likes to lie on the windowsill right above the heater. He gets so relaxed it looks like he’s melting.

  2. It’s a lovely colour and I’m sure you’ll be able to use it somewhere!

  3. Just typical. If you hadn’t done your dying you would definitely have run out. My cat scared off the babysitters boyfriend by making his eyes puff up lol!

  4. My kitties would eat the plant! 🙂 Sorry about the thread, but I agree, if you hadn’t spent the weekend dying it you’d have run out. I have that issue with fabric, so I’ve learned to buy just a little bit more then I think I’ll need…just in case.

  5. Madder Madness?

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