This was meant to be a gif, but…

I’m no good at computer stuff (gareth still boggles that I even set up a blog) so gifs are beyond me. John treid to make these into one for me, but nine months or more have past since I took them and he gor nowhere with it, so instead I present you with a series of pictures taken of one of the filler patterns from the antependium at approximately 45 minute intervals. I made them bitty sized but you can blow them up if you want to see.





























*edit* wtf is it with wordpress that you lay things out in linear order and when you publish suddenly the pictures are all over the bloody place?












nerdy enough for ya?

~ by opusanglicanum on October 22, 2012.

17 Responses to “This was meant to be a gif, but…”

  1. I wouldnt recommend you use gifs (unless you were aiming for an animated one) because they limit the colour range to 256 colours. You can make jpgs files quite small as well – this might help

    But of course CONGRATULATIONS, lots and lots of work, such a nice feeling of achievement you must feel now 🙂

  2. I’m on it, I’m on it … it’s nearly done

  3. Looks great. When do we get pictures of the finished item?

  4. .jpg is better for photos any way. Gifs are best.left to vector images. Imarvel at the 45 minute intervals!!!

    Nice neat work.

  5. Just scrolling down the pictures gave me a very clear impression of the progress – probably clearer than on an animated picture as i could choose my own speed. You must be really pleased with how the antependium has turned out. (And you’re not the only one struggling with getting WordPress to leave your pictures in the place where you’ve put them.)

  6. Wonderful! Congratulations!

  7. Congratulations! It will indeed be interesting to see the animation when it’s done, but in the meantime, it’s very good to scroll through the pictures at our own rate.

  8. It’s a great record of progress – the arty types I run into are always on about documenting your process – so everyone’s happy.

    • I’m a bit crap at being an arty type, i tend to keep stuff in my head and dont feel the need to draw. my silversmithing teacher nearly smacked me once cos she was always on at me to use my skecthbook more, then I started making something very very technical that I had to draw, and when she saw my technical drawings (cos I can draw very well when I can be bothered) she had a big sulk – she siad she’d thought I hadn’t used my book cos I couldn’t draw

  9. Ah – you should have talked to *Blue* Rose, not *Elmsley* Rose re gifs!
    Hooow many hours are represented in those photos above??
    Cool watching it grow, especially since the pattern is kind of organic. Flowering before one’s eyes and all tha’.

    • john has actually made me a gif since I spoke to you, now I just have to try an upload it, which is going to have to wait until after this weekend as I’m hellish busy the next few days. there are 20, and each is 45 minutes, so I guess 15 hours overall

      I never want to do that filler pattern again!

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