Royal Lions

Ok, so you’ll have to have this sideways because I treid three times and wordpress isn’t editing this evening, and I’m too tired and grumpy to work out why not.

I’ve been wanting to replace the royal surcotes for a while now, as they’re looking grubby. Making six of these however many years ago it was nearly drove me insane, so I wasn’t planning to replace all six at once – I’m relatively fond of what passes for my sanity – so I planned to replace two per year on a rotating basis.

But then I only had two evenings to work with after I finished the Antependium, so on the whole I think making one of these in two evening was a fairly herucean effort, specially since cutting the things out takes aaages.

I did want to make one for john with lions entirely done fron gilded leather, and that wil definately be the next on the list.

Ironic that I’ve been sewing lions these last two night when I had to leave Branston at Hobbes’ house, and I miss my little cuddlelion…

~ by opusanglicanum on October 24, 2012.

13 Responses to “Royal Lions”

  1. “Nearly drove you insane” Good one … the stories I could tell ………………

  2. You, madam, have a work ethic…

    • I”m less and less sure about that, you know – I mean, thirty years ago when I was at primary school how many kids were actually diagnosed with adhd? I was constantly told to stop fidgeting, today they would have had me on ritalin. Its not so much a work ethic as an inability to sit still and watch tv

  3. Very authoritative, those lions – passant regardant, aren’t they?

  4. Interesting how brains operate, before beginning to read your post, I had made some sort of visual sense out of the three “critters” appearing to be standing on their hind legs… then I read that I had to look sideways and out popped the lions. 🙂 Ah, the lengths we go to to make sense of our world. Very nice work, per usual.

  5. John – tell us some stories!

  6. They look pretty cuddly themselves. Gilded leather lion – yay!

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