Perhaps it was a little foolhardy…

…to try and make myself a new hat for the wedding on Saturday whilst sitting on the train on Friday morning on the way to said wedding. Ok, so maybe I should have had a pattern, rather than taking one off my favourite hat and hoping it would be ok.

However, I don’t think it looks that bad, all things considered. In fact it it looks rather spiffy. It was meant to be sort of a Squashy Edwardian style jobbie to go with my posh brown velvet coat.

Apart from the teensy weensy minor little detail whereby it doesn’t even begin to fit my head because it’s waaaaaaaaaaaaay to small.


Still, at least it kept me from getting bored on the train?


~ by opusanglicanum on November 27, 2012.

15 Responses to “Perhaps it was a little foolhardy…”

  1. It’s beautiful, and I’m so sorry it didn’t quite fit. And yes, it would keep one busy on the train! I love the colour of it!

  2. It looks positively top-hole! (getting in period here!)

  3. Well, you know how popular those tiny top hats and bowlers are; perhaps you can start a new trend with this style!

    It looks lovely, anyway!

  4. It’s lovely. I can never get over how talented you are.


  5. It;s very pretty, but I don’t understand how on earth you could be making in whilst (did I spelll that right) on a train. You must have super powers.

  6. I would have no idea of where to start with making a hat, never mind starting without a pattern, never mind making it on a *train*!

    Perhaps put your hair up and nail the hat to it at a jaunty angle using a hat pin?

    • it would work if I had voluminous hair, but alas I do not – I was dressing a little girl in tudor costume this afternoon and she had the most glorious thick waist lenght red hair of which I was most envious, it would have worked if I’d had herhair

      I did cut it out at home before I left

      • Umm… hair-pin giant fake bun to your head, then hat-pin the hat to that?

        Sometimes I forget how little other peoples’ buns are. My hair’s knee length so there just is *lots*… That just sounds so silly…

  7. I’ve a freakishly small head, and can never buy hats off the rack.

    So I’ve convinced myself I’m not a hat person.

    Because I’m crafty, but not hat-making crafty!! That is beautiful!

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