making a start on christmas presents

What I really want to do is set my embroidery frame up with my next project, but I decided I should probably start on making christmas presents instead, because if I start a new big project it would be very frustrating to have to abandon it throughout December to do presents.

When I gave mum the christmas coat last year, I told her that she would be getting a crap present this year(by crap I mean little, but still handmade), and that my stepdad, Peter, would be getting the good present.

Twenty years ago, when Candace Bahouth’s Medieval needlepoint book came out, I still used to do the odd thing that wasn’t my own design, and I started on the starry night waistcoat, so now I’ve dug it out with the intention of finishing it for Peter’s present.

I’m nearly finished the second side, but the first is done and stretched.

Ugh, slightly blurry, sorry. This is actually turning out to be a good excercise for me, it’s reminding me how much more fun it is to work on my own adaptations of medieval sources, as they’re so much more challenging than someone else’s charts. Oh yes, and I remembered I get really really bored with needlepoint.

really really really bored.

Also, its a good job peter like cats, becuase Branston is making sure it has plenty of cat hair sewn into it.

BTW – if anyone in the UK can use the book, I’d be happy to post it to you once I’ve finished this waistcoat, as I’m never going to use it again, someone might as well use it if they can. Just speak up if you want it. (its a fairly tatty hardback with no dustjacket and I lost the erratum long ago)



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23 Responses to “making a start on christmas presents”

  1. I know what you mean about other people’s patterns. I am working on something for someone which is not my own design – first time in a long while. It gives a different rhythm to stitching.

    • its cos you have to keep stopping to check – although I have to admit I’m not being overly fastidious about sticking to the chart now i’m doing the sky

      • That must be it, although I do a lot of different stitches when doing my own designs and it is mostly cross-stitch I do of others. Cross-stitch has a rhythm of its own.

      • I haven’t done cross stitch since my granda died. every year I would cross stith a new antimacassar for his armchair that said “grandas chair”, and I ever really did aything else in cross stitch (it was quick and easy and not delicate enough that I had to worry about him putting it in the wash). Dont think I could ever do cross stitch now cos I miss him

    • I know what you mean. It’ll be 2 years in February since my beloved Grandfather died. I miss him terribly.

  2. OMG, this is incredible… a real show stopper.

  3. Wow… I have no words!

  4. I am amazed that you ever use patterns. Also that the piece will be finished by Christmas – that;s some fast stitching. Is the back plain fabric? Looks gorgeous, though.

  5. It’s sometimes interesting to see how other people approach a design idea, but yes, needlepoint can be a bit dull when you’re just following a chart!

  6. Reblogged this on My Devon and commented:
    What a lovely idea

  7. Oh – my grandma has that book and I remember admiring that waistcoat pattern many times as a teenager. It is lovely to see someone actually make it!

    • peter already has the fleur de lys waistcoat from that book. i made it as a joint present for the two of them but peter told mum it was his. I made it with good quality knitting wool though, as there were only a few colours, so it came in at a third the cost of using tapestry wool

  8. You mention the book is up for a new owner!…. Is it still available?

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