big pencil case?

eurgh, so partly I’ve been a bit slow updating cos it’s crimbo I’m making some stuff I can’t put on the net yet, largely I’ve been a bit slow cos I spent the weekend throwing up rather violently.

I did get one annoying little job out of the way before the vomiting ensued though,


No, it isn’t an excessively large pencil case, and that isn’t an excessively large pencil inside it – it’s a case for the antependium.

Normally I try to go for authentic looking storage media that will blend in on the living history camp, and I avoid anything modern and plastic looking. so why, I hear you cry, have I gone for red polka-dot pvc in this case?

Several reasons-

-It’s mothproof (I still put mothballs inside though – belt and braces)

– it’s reasonably waterproof (important – I came back from chillingham this summer with everything I owned soaked right through)

– It stands out like the proverbial sore digit and will therefore be extremely hard to leave behind in the long grass when hurriedly packing away at the end of a long weekend.

I also took the precaution of writing on the inside, in large red permanent marker, my name, address, phone number and email, along with the offer of a reward for it’s return should it ever go astray.

~ by opusanglicanum on December 10, 2012.

9 Responses to “big pencil case?”

  1. Sound logicl reasons. After all, you spent waaaaaay too much time on the antependium to risk travel damage.

  2. I like it! Definitely good to make it stand out so you don’t leave it behind, and waterproof so the ante doesn’t get damaged by water.

  3. That all sounds reasonable to me – after all the effort you put in, the last thing you want is for it to go wandering off!

  4. It wasn’t the dreaded norovirus was it? The only thing I have ever had where I really did want to die. Hope you feel better now.

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