2012 christmas project

Hope everyone had a lovely day yesterday.

I’ve been really looking forward to getting stuck into this year’s Christmas project, but I’m a little late starting due to various things.

I did eventually get all my presents made and sat down to draft this year project – which is to be the reverse side of the almoner purse I started last christmas. I got all of the split stitch done on it, but didn’t get started on the underside couching until about June. I’m still not quite finished the gold due to the fact I can’t really cope with more than an hour of this technique a day – I find it very hard on the fingers.

2013 gold so farAnyway, I did start the new one on Christmas day, but then found I’d drafted into the wrong linen, which was very hard to sew on, and I didn’t fancy the aggro of persisting with it, so realised pretty fast that I’d have to start again. Unfortuneately by that time the sewing machine, which I needed to baste the edges, had been banned from the table so we could eat Christmas dinner, so I had to wait and start again this morning instead.

DSC_1166As you can see, I really didn’t get far yesterday before giving up!

This is meant to be the two lovers at night. It’s taken from Aldobrandino of Siena’s Regime Du Corps, the illustration here being, as you can see, sexual intercourse.

2013 day 1Didn’t get that far with day one, mainly due to the fact that faces take longer, what with them being done with half the thickness of silk. I never really feel I’m making much progress at this stage. I did watch Downton though.

Am posting daily progress on this one – same as last year

~ by opusanglicanum on December 26, 2012.

10 Responses to “2012 christmas project”

  1. That’s so inspiring! Great job.

  2. I can’t imagine that watching Downton helped you to speed along, either. But then, what are holidays for if not for idling a little…?

  3. Oh yay – really like this piece – I remember when you were working on it last (ok, I’m a sucker for roses)

  4. It is beautiful. The underside couching will be worth it in the end, it is really making the colours sing.

  5. Seriously you are amazing.

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