2012 christmas project day 2

2012 day2Gareth just emailed this image to me with the message “There is NO WAY I am wearing an f-ing bonnet in bed!”

Men, they expect us to wear all kinds of slutty underwear for them, but will they dress up for us girls? oooh noo, will they heck as like!

I’ve rearranged her arms slightly so that now it looks (I hope) as if her left arm is disappearing behind his shoulder, whereas in the original it looks as though said arm is somehow being eaten by his armpit.

They look a bit pink at the moment, but that will even out once I get the paler shade filled in, worry not. He’s quite a good body double for Gareth though, being suitably wirey with a subtle bit of muscle that not OTT.

I love the pink alice band.

~ by opusanglicanum on December 27, 2012.

4 Responses to “2012 christmas project day 2”

  1. The pair of them do look as though they’re enjoying it! I can imagine that doing faces in split stitch can be awfully prone to looking odd if even one stitch goes slightly astray – my mother’s a painter and I’ve seen her do faces again and again to get them right, even though she’s not working on such a small scale!

    • I think I would rather emboider faces than paint them, not just because I’m a terrible portraitist but because sewing can be taken much more slowly and precisely. Plus this style is realy quite stylised, so once you’ve got the basic shape down it sort of all follows on,

      They do look a wee bit soppy

  2. I think the bonnet is the least he can do given the shirt, frankly…

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