2012 christmas project day 8

I am willing to bet good money that once I’ve finished filling in all the red on the bedspread I won’t be able to see any noticeable difference from the 10g reel of silk floss I just broke into – silk seem to last forever…

2012 day8…until you really really need it too, that is.

~ by opusanglicanum on January 3, 2013.

10 Responses to “2012 christmas project day 8”

  1. It’s exasperating, the way thread runs out at the most inopportune moments, isn’t it!

    • thats why I went for this red for the fill, I had one I slightly preffered (a bit pinkier) and I was 95% certain there was enough, but its that 5% doubt that swung the decision. I can get more of the other red easily enough, but the postage would be more than the item and I hate that.

      This red is coming out far nicer than I expected though, the juxtaposition with the wine and claret colours is making it much richer, whereas on the reel its quite a hard scarlet

  2. Bravo! I only just managed to finish the Christmas presents in time, never mind start any new ones. This is looking fabulous. I can hardly imagine how difficult this style is – you need to have considerable artistic ability too.

    (Hello, too, by the way – hope you had a nice holidays.)

    • this is only a present for me, though, so theres no deadline.

      I had a nice crimbo, hope you did too

      • I did, thanks. I also found my pink wool for a dress, which I’ve lost for about 2 years. So, watch this space…

      • I was bad just before christmas – I found some lime green melton for £2 a metre and bought enough for a kirtle. although the quality of the fabric is quite high it’s not the most lovely colour, but it is achievable by natural dye, and for that price I wont really care if it gets muddy, unlike my red kirtle which I’m rather fond of.

  3. Interesting to watch your progress. Do you sketch out your drawings from your own ideas or are these inspired from an historical tapestry? Fabric drape is an interest of mine and I find myself noticing the way you’ve created the illusion of folds in the bedspread. Nice work!

    • this is based on a manuscript illustration, Ijust copied my outline straight from that, then added kitties. the hardest bit was adjusting the drape around the cats. the outline of the folds was in the original pic, then I tend to think of them in terms of graphic black and white chiaruscuro type stuff

  4. Wow, it’s really coming along now. Well done you.

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