2012 christmas project day 11

Gareth whined about a red bed with green curtains, he thinks it’s not tasteful.

Red and green does seem to be just about the most popular colour scheme for medieval beds though. I’m not sure if it’s fashion or symbolism. Green, as the colour of nature and generation seems a very obvious choice for what is obviously meant to be a marriage bed used for the generation of offspring. Bright red has always held magical health giving properties that would seem ideal for a bed where one spends so much time – properties which persisted into living memory, hence the red flannel petticoats worn by E Nesbitt’s railway children.

2012 day 11If you look at it upside down though, those curtains do look remarkably like dragon’s wings.

The original illustration upon which I’m basing this has gold leaf in the background where the embroidery will eventually have underside couched gold thread. It also has little spots of gold leaf in the tiny scallops at the tops of the curtains, but I find this somewhat distracting, so am thinking of just filling those little areas with a dark colour, but I can’t currently decide between an innocous dark brown or a dark navy blue, and I don’t really have long to decide.

~ by opusanglicanum on January 6, 2013.

6 Responses to “2012 christmas project day 11”

  1. Our colour tastes and our ancestors’ tend not to agree, although I must say that green and red is a combination I rather like – in suitable proportions!

  2. IMveryHO a navy blue will look good, setting off the red and green, and suit the medieval colour scheme. Reading your later post – bleargh – you poor dear. But that’s not a naughty cat – that’s a cat In Heaven! I’ve got packing boxes for books atm – Tommy has taken to living in one of them. He’ll be very sad when it gets filled and taken away, I think. Feel better soon

  3. Is this because the red clashes with his complexion?

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