So, Yesterday, because I was passing, I stopped in at the place I get my gemstones from, and as usual I overspent a little – but only because I hadn’t realised they’d dropped the minimum spend requirement(it’s a trade place, so…)


The little string of garnets are what I primarily went in for, as I need them to decorate the Petrus christus head dress I want to make (and now I have them I have no legitimate excuse not to get on with it) I did get two kinds because I wasn’t quite sure which would work best – both are flat but one type are centre drilled and the other from the side. I shall do a trial to see which works. In my defence the prices at the wholesalers mean I can buy two strings and still pay less than half what they’d cost me at somewhere like Kernowcraft.

I think I’ll use the pearls to embroider a tudor gable hood – they’re 6mm side drilled button pearls, so they’re flat at the back and should sit very well once couched down. This is my excuse for buying yet more pearls when I have boxes full – they’re useful, USEFUL, I tell you! (Also much chunkier than most of the seed pearls I have, chunky can be nice sometimes)

The assortment of carved rock pendants was an impulse buy. I wanted the carved rock crystal rosette thingies and the unicorn horn wotsit because they just look useful. I’m sure I could set them in a reliquary or a crown or something, and finding anything that looks so potentially useful shouldn’t be passed by.

Unfortunately, in order to get my hand on the rock crystals of potential usefulness I had to spring for an assorted bag of carved pendants, which leaves me with the rose quartz dolphins and agate roses of utter uselessness. I might have to ebay them or something, cos I really can’t justify letting them hang around in my stash – rose quartz dolphins are a bad influence on proper gemstones, before you know it they’ll be re-aligning everyone’s chakras and begging on street corners for spare mackeral.

Oh, and I just wanted bright pink howlite skulls, and they were cheap.

~ by opusanglicanum on January 25, 2013.

7 Responses to “shopping”

  1. Who was it who said of dolphins “Never trust a species that smiles all the time, it’s probably up to something!”? I think eBay is a good place for the quartz ones, for sure!

  2. I’m loving the skulls!

  3. I look at the rose quartz pointy thingys and think “threadwinders” tho they might be a bit small.

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