Noah’s ark, lower deck finished

Gareth says this is a rubbish project because I’m cracking on with it far too quickly. Personally I think that after the antependium it’s nice to do something faster. It’s also interesting that this is the same basic technique but is going far quicker, which just shows how involved the levels of extra detail in the antependium really were.

Oooh, and I got to use my second wash madder and second wash cochineal for the very first time, which was quite exciting for me because I’m a sad nerd.

noah's lower deck, lined

From left to right this is what I think the animals are-

An elephant. Although this is clearly some sort of pygmy elephant, conveniently travel sized so as not to leave the ark overcrowded (that Noah was a wily old sod). Why it has spots is beyond me, unless perhaps its some sort of stress related acne brought on by the unhygenic conditions on the lower deck of this primitive sailing vessel…?

Behind the elephant…honestly, it looks like a llama to me, or maybe an alpaca. Although how a tenth century Spanish cleric knew about llamas remains a mystery, since his compatriots weren’t about to do thier conquistador thing and actually encounter such beast for another half millenia or so. I can only conclude that old Beatus was some sort of early Iberian old Mother Shipton.

Camel. Definately a camel. Obviously a camel with extremely severe sunburn (there was a terrible hole in the ozone layer over biblical Arabia, you know, caused by the Iraelites obsession with spray on deodorants)…either that or its a my little pony with a nasty tumour on it’s back?

The big black thing looks like a mule to me, except why would you pack a mule on an ark since if memory serves me right mules are infertile? Surely if the poor mules couldn’t contribute to the gene pool Noah would callously have left them to drown rather than wasting space on an already overcrowded ark? Perhaps it was his pet mule? Then again it could just be a buffet for the tigers. Actually that makes sense, since I always wondered how Noah got his two by twos safely off the ark without half of them being eaten by the other half, and tigers are notorious for getting the munchies on even the breifest of boat trips ( tip-never take one punting on the Cam)

I think the thing behind the soon-to-be-garnished-with-a-nice-sprig-of-parsley-Muffin is a generic prancing beast. History has largely forgotten the generic prancing beast, which is a shame, since the sight of vast herds of generic prancing beasts roaming the open plains of the Alps was said to be quite the magnificent sight. Unfortunately for them, generic prancing beasts were quite delicious (they aparently tasted like chicken), and so were hunted to extinction by a tribe (now also sadly extinct due to the wholesale obliteration of thier sole food source) of alpine pygmies known as the Fugawi, whose name was derived from thier terrible sense of direction – which lead to thier main interaction with the outside world consisting of walking up to random strangers and asking “Excuse me, kind sir, but we’re the fugawi?”.

~ by opusanglicanum on January 31, 2013.

15 Responses to “Noah’s ark, lower deck finished”

  1. πŸ˜€ Think Mr P might be descended from the Fugawi tribe!

  2. Perhaps it is not a dwarf elephant, but instead a giant tapir? Thus the spots. Or is that giving those medieval people far too much credit? ^_^

  3. I’m all for generic prancing about things. It’s what all need. More generic prancing about. Oh, and I love the panel.

  4. LOL . Can you think of a collective term for this motley (in the heraldic sense) menagerie?

  5. The spots are parasites – they run the world so Noah had to include them, too.

  6. You’re obviously having as much fun thinking about this project as you are stitching it – great to see so much prancing and dancing going on!

  7. I love the panel, I love that you are excited about second wash madder and cochineal, and I love your thoughts on the availability of beasts in 10th century Spain. (Is this too soon for the Crusades?) I was reading about a street in Norwich called Maddermarket yesterday, and thought I would like to live in a street with such a name. I’m going there soon and was thinking it would be nice to visit the street. Alas, it isn’t showing up on my google map, so perhaps it no longer exists. And there almost certainly won’t be a Cochinealmarket…

    • I think you get more excited about thread you dye yourself. Oddly we were talking about narch this afternooon – Gareth was telling me how he spent pretty much the last year of his phd at john innes in norwich cos his boss in cambridge went mad and made everyone’s life hell – I’ve only been there once, on a flying visit to buy a cauldron, but I remeber it being pretty. Lavenham where all the woad was grown was lovely too. It possible that a medeival street just isn’t there any more, or that it got re-named at some point (i used to drive past butt hole lane in coniston all the time and was very disappointed when they re-branded it as archers way)

  8. […] of beasts can be found by clicking – bird, captain’s cabin, top deck, amidships, lower deck, border, setting […]

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