Sorry, I’ve been a bad girl this week, almost breaking my “I will post something at least once a week no matter what” rule. IN my defence I’ve been rotten with cold, it was Gareth’s birthday and valentine’s day all at once. Half term now though, so I plan to play for a week, although since part of what I’m planning to make is some new perv-wear I shant be posting quite everything I make…

This was my Dad’s christmas present though, which I forgot to post earlier – he already has one I made him with a big red tractor.

jcbWool fabric (not felt) on wool aplique in the style of my Picklepatch stuff.

And Branny complained that I haven’t reminded you all of how handsome he is recently, so here is a big furry idiot on a 1930s oak mantlepiece…

mantlepice catAnd that is all.

~ by opusanglicanum on February 16, 2013.

16 Responses to “Diggers”

  1. I was just thinking of you yesterday and thinking I hadn’t heard from you for a bit. Love the picture of Branston. Oh and I think you should post the thing you are going to make……. It’s only you and I here.

  2. You can post it. I promise not to look 😉
    What is the digger on? Cushion? I know a small boy who would like that. Hope the cold is improving. So glad it’s half term here!

    • cushion. my father is bascially a small boy with a very dirty mind. he showed me his photo collection a few years back – it consisted entirely of pics of cars and strippers, family were only included if they were next to cars, thankfully not next to any strippers.

      I like making my own perv wear, but its for gareths eyes only, thankyou.

      mind you, sewing pvc is a bit technically demanding…

  3. I love your digger, it is sooo much fun

  4. Of course telling us you are making something we can’t see makes the curiosity level rise beyond all common!! Glad you are feeling better, I miss your messages when you are away. My cats are quite envious of Branstons mantle too! Cheers, Janis

    • branston isn’t actually allowed on the mantlepiece, but that never seems to stop him. he likes it cos it gives him a better vantage point for smacking folks as they walk past

  5. Hi
    Thank you for visiting my blog. This is very nice work. Hope your Dad like it.

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