goldwork finished

gold lovers

Finally, finally, finished the underside couching on last year’s christmas project.

Because the gold thread I used is antique stuff it does oxidise a little, which is why one side is slightly darker, it will even out in a month or so.

With the nightime lovers that I did last christmas I’m going to couch a pattern into the gold, but I decided not to do that here because the area to be filled was often quite fiddly so I think a more uniform background sits better with this image.

~ by opusanglicanum on February 19, 2013.

44 Responses to “goldwork finished”

  1. It’s delightful. I can see what you mean about the fiddly background…!

  2. It is absolutely beautiful! Congratulations on finishing it.

  3. This is amazing! (I particularly like the cat’s face. ;))

    • its based on a manuscript illustration, but I changed the lovers from tuetonic blondes to mine and gareth’s hair colours, and replaced the falcons with two cats that I treid to make look like medieval versions of branny and hobbes – the hobbes worked better than branny (hobbes is the spotty one)

  4. wow, this is so impressive!

  5. This is GORGEOUS! I think it’s your best yet. I love the colors, you and Gareth, Hobbes, the gold background, everything. Part of me wishes you would frame this and hang it on a wall to be admired, but the other part of me is glad you are making it into a purse that you can carry around so more folks will see it.

  6. I’m breathless… wonderful!

  7. Absolutely beautiful!! This is gorgeous. I am in awe.

  8. That’s so beautiful! It’s fresh and alive. And I love the kitties!

  9. It is fabulous. Once again you astound. Bravo!

  10. Beautiful! I knew this illustration before, but now it’s gorgeous!

  11. WOW! Looks amazing! I think you could have, but that’s just me. lol Can’t wait to see what you have next.

  12. Such stunning work! Bravisimo!

  13. Gorgeous, stunning, beautiful!

  14. It is simply gorgeous and the u/s couching was worth all the curses and effort. It makes it look so rich and colourful. (By the way, I am forever having to pick Megan out of my W/press spam filter too. No idea why!)

  15. I’ve seen many renditions of this image from the Codex Manesse. Your embroidered version is executed with both skill and passion. While the blending of color and skillful needle work used to create the faces is impressive my heart is won over by the deceptive simplicity of the flowers and I am delighted by the addition of the cat. It is a fitting tribute to the dream of “Amour Honestus.” Well done.

    • the flowers were a joke for gareth, who used to work in plant genetics and is a passionate gardener. they were originally going to be white yorkshire roses, but ended up with the blue picotee edge becuase a true blue rose, esp one edged is the impossible dream on genetic engineers and gardeners alike.

      thankyou for the lovely comment

  16. Just spectacular! Beautiful all around. I love the cat. Very impressed with the faces as well.

  17. Absolutely beautiful!

  18. dumb question i guess, but humour the ignoramus please… Is the book illustrating sexual intercourse a modern book, or a sort of medieval version of the karma sutra?!

    • Neither, it’s a medieval medical textbook, the illustration is to show how important regular rumpy pumpy is to general health and well being for both sexes

  19. Lol. that’s brilliant!! What is it called?!

  20. […] really like it though, and am in the midst of assembling the lovers purse. I’m sort of thinking maybe I should trim it down and use […]

  21. […] classes next weekend( mainly skeins to twist, urgh!) so I’m finally trying to get the lovers purse put together,becuase after all, the embroidery has only been finished for a year or […]

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