much happier now

some of you may remember this post last year, wherein I whined about not being happy with a piece of silversmithing I’d been working on.

well, I finally got back into my workshop this week (left branny at Gareth’s so he couldn’t try to drink acid, get his nose in the way of the hammer and eat my pliers like he usually does), and made some actual progress with the new cup for this chalice.

Please bear in mind that this is shaped, but not finished – it needs the hammer marks hammering out.

chalice 2

I kind of made a rod for my own back with the new cup, as since I didn’t want to cut into any new sheet I used some from scrap, and it was much thicker than the usual 0.9mm you’d normally use for raising a bowl – it was 1.5mm – but it’s actually resulted in something that feels incredibly nice to hold, despite the extra work shaping it.

I feel this is much more balanced than the other bowl (which I will make a different stem for later). I trimmed the foot a little as well, and began decorating the knob in the middle

chalice knop

The knop will look much better once the details are filled in with black, but that a final finish.

I know think the knop ought to be flatter and the stem a little narrower at the top, but I think that’s just me being overly picky. I;ve decided I can live with the knop and the stem as long as the cup is right. Now all I have to do is polish hammer the marks out of the bowl, trim the top of the bowl, engrave the bowl, assemble the whole thing, get it hallmarked, send it off to have the interior of the cup gilded, use liver of sulphur to blacken up the details, and polish it.

I hate polishing. It’s messy and boring.

~ by opusanglicanum on February 20, 2013.

4 Responses to “much happier now”

  1. I note you list something that sounds like several days of work and then say “that’s all”! It sounds like a lot to me..

  2. It looks great and I can’t wait to see it finished, although I agree with virtuosewadventures, it sounds like a lot to do!

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