noah’s ark again

During lunch breaks on my silvermithing days I watched Glee (Gareths idea of a romantic valentines present is a boxset of something he can’t stand for me to watch on my own)and sewed, so I finished the laidwork for the middle deck (amidships?) of the Noah’s ark wotsit

noah amidshipsYou may notice a slight colour variation in the background blue near the lion’s head. After all that fretting over the background brown for the lower deck I didn’t give the blue a second thought because I’d checked the box and there were two skiens of blue left. I sewed away, thinking to myself that next time I dye a big batch of embroidery wool I really ought to make the effort to dye some darker blues because I really wasn’t so keen on this wishy washy mid blue.

Then the skein ran out, I grabbed another, aaaaand…it was a considerably darker blue.

Alas, such are the trials of working with one’s own naturally dyed authentic threads. I suppose I can use it as a springboard to discuss natural dyes when I am giving talks.


I keep thinking I ought to create a special tag for my cock-ups!

~ by opusanglicanum on February 20, 2013.

2 Responses to “noah’s ark again”

  1. From what I’ve seen of early embroideries, our ancestors weren’t as fussy about maintaining colour shades as we are… You are just being extra-authentic!

    • If I’d realised I could have done all the laid understitch in the pale blue then couched it with the dark, but cos I did beneath the animals then couched, then did above, that wasn’t possible – I only did it that way to give myself a break. authenticity wise theres no real problem with the colour variation, I’m just annoyed that I didn’t notice

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