Noah’s Ark again

The middle deck with the fiddly bits added

noah midships lined

From left to right this is what I think the four beasties are. This is obviously the carnivore deck.

Far left – I wasn’t sure at first, but my current theory is that this is meant to be a bear. Mainly I think this because he sort of looks a lot like one of the early Steiff teddy bears – long paws, small head. Also I can’t think of anything else he could be.

– At first I thought hyena, but something about this little chap’s face says Anubis to me, and if memory serves me right Anubis was a jackal? so maybe he’s a jackal. definately some sort of canine, but then given the accuracy of the drawing here he could just be Noah’s pet mutt.

– Leopard. I am absolutely certain he’s a leopard. At first though I did wonder why Noah would select an obviously cross-eyed leopard for the ark, as one would assume that a cross-eyed leopard would be an extremely poor hunter and therefore be dubious breeding stock when the entire future of the species depends on only two animals. I am certain that if Noah had selected cross-eyed leopards the species would have become extinct long before the c10th due to starvation, conservation programmes being pretty much unknown at the time. But then I realised the leopard wasn’t cross-eyed at all, it’s simply that the Lion has just farted in his general direction.

– Lion. More specifically a farting lion, latin name Leo Flatulensis.

~ by opusanglicanum on February 28, 2013.

13 Responses to “Noah’s Ark again”

  1. The far left might actually be the hyena- they do have spots. And I wonder if they thought, in that age of griffons and unicorns, that Noah took those mythical creatures on the ark.

  2. That’s one hilarious grumpy leopard. 🙂

  3. That is absolutely beautiful. I’ll check my bestiaries and see if I can help verify anything for you.

  4. Yes, Anubis was a jackal, but maybe what they had in mind was a wolf? I think you’ve had more fun guessing than you’d get from knowing for sure!

  5. Hello! merci d’avoir partagé cet article et aussi toutes ces belles photos sur ton blog. je suis également passionné par les animaux et j’ai même débuté un blog y’a peu de temps. a bientôt, Julie

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