Noah’s ark top deck, unlined

noah top deck unlined

The title pretty much says it all, really – the top deck of the Noah’s ark panel, without all the fiddly twiddly bits.

I’m glad this is going along at a fair old clip, as I’ve just realised there’s every probability my first show of the season will be early period, so I may well need this finished and ready to display by the weekend after easter. So no rush then.

~ by opusanglicanum on March 10, 2013.

8 Responses to “Noah’s ark top deck, unlined”

  1. Well done. It’s looking super so far.

    (I notice you appear to have covered the lower decks – is this something you regularly do? And is it just plain old linen? Tacked/pinned?)

    • it tends to be whatevers lying around, so in this case its the remains of an old blouse. Because the work is rolled around the frame there can be a certain amount of rubbing on the rolled, completed parts of the work if its not protected. From what I’ve read though this has always been standard practice for embroiderers working on large pieces.

      I use a frame almost identical to this one(it wont link to the actual frame, both of mine are the top left beech screw frame)×0&&

      Oh, and I just tack it on with silk thread which I pull out at the end – pins would rust, tear the fabric under tension, or just plain stick me

      • Cheers. That’s helpful. I was wondering if it was to protect against your hands leaning on it … forgot that the fabric was probably bigger than the frame.

        Do you use a different frame when you’re at events? Or modify that one? Or do you tend not to actually embroider at events?

      • at events I use a large rectangular frame that rests on two trestles – they’re standard table trestles but i had them made a little taller than usual so I wouldn’t be crouching over too much (emma from past lincs made them) the frame is just a simple oak thing that simon from history in the making put together – he amde mine extra large but he often carries smaller oens at the marker that he makes from offcuts to they’re fairly inexpensive.

        I think theres a pic on threads of time pages somewhere

        btw, it seems to have been standrad practice to have covered the work on a large flat frame as well, leaving only the working area exposed, but cos my frame at events is used to tell a story I leave the whole thing exposed (I never work on anyhting wonderful at events, they tend to be specific demo pieces)

  2. So suddenly you have to change gear? Good luck!

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