Noah’s ark, top deck finished

noah top deck lined

The top deck of Noah’s ark, finished.

Ok, so this one definately gets more difficult to interpret as it goes from left to right…

– Mrs Chanticlear, Aka the little red hen. Actually, this seems to be the only instance of two by twoing on this depiction of the ark, as the rest seem to be individual creatures rather than mated pairs.

– Mr Chanticlear. He seems somewhat *ahem* large compared to the other creatures. You may insert the big cock joke of your choice ~here~

-I’m genuinely uncertain as to whether the central animal is a sheep or a goat. It could be a goaty looking sheep ( many of the older breeds, like soay, look very caprine) or a sheepish looking goat. Therefore I’m going to call this one a gheep.

– erm… I think this is undeniable proof that not only was Noah one of the earliest known mad scientists, but that he also wasn’t 100% sold on God’s, “No really, mate, you’ve built the ark with my blessing, and I know DIY isn’t really your strong suit and you used a load of old pallets to patch the holes, but you have my word it won’t sink – seriously, dude, that’s better than you get from insuring it at Lloyds…” shtick. Despite divine intervention Noah was still convinced the ark was going to go all Titanic on the old maiden voyage. He’d resigned himself to the family drowning because to be honest the wife was a bossy cow and Shem was getting to big for his boots anyway, but Noah was a cat man, and he couldn’t bear the thought of his beloved Tiddles sleeping with the fishies, so he crossed Tiddles with a lobster and created the clobster, which is what you see here – the only creature guaranteed to survive when the ark sunk. Needles to say, Tiddles the clobster left a little present in Noah’s shoes that night.

-another erm. I have no clue whatsoever. Something about it makes me think of Michael Jackson? maybe its a disco monkey?

~ by opusanglicanum on March 13, 2013.

15 Responses to “Noah’s ark, top deck finished”

  1. had a good laugh reading your desriptions of the animals. they all have somewhat mischievous look in their eyes, as if they figured out something we would never understand, apparently Noah new what he was doing.
    the quality of your embroidery, as always – amazing.

  2. Medieval animals are rather mind-boggling, aren’t they!

  3. Nah, the last one is obviously a dancing lemur, a la Madagascar. ^_^

    (Wonderful work!)

  4. Lovely work. Where would we be today if Noah hadn’t saved the disco monkeys?! I wonder if clobster is good with drawn butter?

  5. Love the look on the big cock’s face. Is all I’m saying.

  6. The last one is Japhet’s teddy: he wouldn’t go on the ark without it.

  7. You were in magnificent form when you wrote this *grin*

  8. […] tentative identification of beasts can be found by clicking – bird, captain’s cabin, top deck, amidships, lower deck, border, setting […]

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