back from TORM

I set off for the market having made a firm and solid vow that this time I wasn’t going to buy any fabric, not even a little bit, no, not at all…

torm fabric…As you can see, that didn’t exactly work out as I’d planned.

Brown bit on the left is just some unbleached linen for a simple apron, and the stripe is for a modern summer shirt (I like green). The brown wool third from left has a delicate little bird’s eye twill in it, is as soft as butter, and enough for a simple early Saxon cloak was mine for a tenner – it would have been criminal to pass that up.

The whopping great big piece of silk brocade doesn’t even count, cos I bought it with group money. It’s a brighter blue than is showing on my monitor, and incredibly heavy in wieght. I’m thinking it will be the body of a chasuble with an embroidered strip down the middle. Obviously I won’t be starting on that for a year or two as I have other projects to finish (and start) first, but that simply gives me enough time to think about the design.

That bit of white paper silk at top left was an accident, somehow Anwar managed to con me into buying that  as we were packing up, twenty quid just slipped out of my wallet and I have no idea what went on. I think he and his son have perfected the art of retail mugging and I was simply an innocent victim.

There was also a foot square bit of red taffeta, but that was a gift from Ian and Sue of Quartermasterie, to be used for the other embroidered book cover that I want to make after the brown velvet one.

tree ratsI also bought seven baltic grey squirrel/tree rat pelts for trimming my velvet burgundian gown. Gareth is now even more worried about my sanity than he usually is because I spent the weekend giggling and saying, “I’ve got a bag of dead squirrels in my handbag!” which he appeared to find disturbing.

I was planning to name them after the seven dwarves, but I’m sure Gareth was ever so slightly wrong when he insisted that there were two dwarves called Sleazy and Horny?

torm booksI haven’t bought a book at the market for ages, and this weekend I bought six. The two tudor ones are new, and the others are second hand from the stall where Gerry buroughs’ stuff was being sold off. Not only are they useful books but it will be nice to have something to remember Gerry. Kay made me choose a needlecase as well, and we swapped dirty stories about Gerry. JOhn chose one of those flat bits of wood with a handle that you use to level off the compost in plant pots – I was quite frankly confused, as JOhn is not a big gardener, but then he explained that he was naming it “Gerry’s knob” and it all made perfect sense.

I’m sure if there’s one thing Gerry would have liked to be remembered for, it would be his knob…

~ by opusanglicanum on March 17, 2013.

12 Responses to “back from TORM”

  1. Definitely no crimes commited – paper silk is necessary and you were a retail victim under pressure anyway, shows some variations of bird’s eye twill, I discovered. Learn something new every day.

    • I think I’ll throw the silk in one of my dye pots when I do a big batch of veg dyeing next summer

      • Oooooo! Do you ever dye with woad, btw?

      • usually use indigo – they’re chemically indistinguisable, but the indigo plant contains a higher proportion of indigotin – can’t grow woad in my garden as I’m too close to the sea and the wind blows all the leaves off – which is what you need for dyeding

  2. All sounds perfectly rational to me – although I do rather wonder how many hours we would all need in the day in order to complete all the projects we plan!

  3. Squirrels! You could fashion an infinity squirrel out of them! 😀

  4. The silk brocade is gorgeous. I’m sure your tree-rat trimmed gown will also be lovely. Very intrigued to see another book cover!

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