clever gareth

I swear I will post progress on Noah’s ark soon, just as soon as I make some! there’s a really long stretch of border pattern to do and I’m having real trouble focusing – I hates border patterns.

Instead I bring you a picture of what my clever boyfiend has been up to…

Island unit

He has finally made a progress on building the kitchen units.

Nice, innit?

Although I’m not sure he should be encouraging Hobbes to be up there.

Branston says if the porky one gets to be on teh intrenets he wants you all to be reminded of his devastating handsomness very soon.

~ by opusanglicanum on March 22, 2013.

20 Responses to “clever gareth”

  1. Branston is right. He doesn’t want Hobbes to get all the glory. And as far as encouraging cats to be on the counter, it isn’t necessary. They will get up there on their own.

    • I think branny is the one more likely to jump up cos he likes monkey foods, whereas hobbes pretty much only likes meatblob

      • Pedro loves marshmallows. Don’t ask me how I know. And I was once having a bowl of cereal, (Pedro knows he gets the last spoon of milk) and wasn’t paying attention. I put the spoon in my mouth accompanied by a mouthful of whiskers. I hadn’t realized he was so close. Fuzzles couldn’t care less about human food.

      • branston and hobbes both do the same thing to gareth with porrige

  2. He’s building your kitchen cabinets!?!?!? OMG! Clever is an understatement. More like talented and gifted! They look beautiful! I’m redoing my kitchen right now, too, but DH is so very not clever and is not building any cabinetry – thank God – it would not look as nice as yours!

  3. He is a clever boyfiend (intentional or spelling mistake… Either way I like it!) can we borrow him please. My kitchen needs doing. It has no drawers. How ridiculous! Off to find Dr Xargles book of Earth Tiggers to read after the reference to meatblob!

  4. Beautiful cabinetry.

    • am worried he wont let me use the kitchen once hes done though

      • Hmm… could prove to be awkward… unless of course he would like to take up all kitchen duties himself.

      • he likes my cooking too much. he will just whinge wheneer I make a mess

        then again, he does that already

        all the time…

      • Sounds like the good life to me. My husband can boil pasta and make popcorn … that’s about the extent of it. Secretly though, I like it that way, because I don’t ‘play well with others’ in my kitchen space either.

      • ~nods~ my grandmother taught me that a woman’s place is in the home – and the the man’s place is in the garden shed.

        And whats more he can take them bleedin muddy boots off afore he comes in.

  5. Clever indeed, although I suspect it will be quite hard to train the cats not to jump up. They do seem to enjoy doing so!

  6. Hobbes is claiming his new kingdom, obviously. Tell Branston he does indeed look very handsome. I believe that cats Require a certain number of Compliments per Day, same as they require food and air and am always very careful to keep my cats ‘well topped up’. Also I love your “old piece” in the next post, especially the dappling with the pearls.

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