Something old

Re-stringing my viking necklace during the week made me think of this…

viking beast

This was done to decorate my viking dress (It’s the kind with the bit that goes round and an apron at the front, I seem to remember that at the time it based on the latest research) about fifteen, maybe sixteen years ago?

It’s silk laid and couched work done on dupion with 60/2 nm silk, also using split stitches and satin stitch. Design is based on a tombstone from st Paul’s churchyard, London.

Obviously were I doing this now I’d do it slightly differently  – mostly in that I’d have done the red in split stitch rather than the less authentic and more likely to get snagged on things satin stitch that I used at the time. I’d also use a better silk for the base these days, but back then getting any kind of silk was difficult, and I seem to recall I started this on a whim and finished it in four days flat, so…lets just say I used what was to hand. I can also get better pearls these days, but all in all I think this stands up pretty well – I certainly wouldn’t feel ashamed to wear it at an event.

Also, I promised Branny he could have his photo put up to remind you all of how handsome he is-


er, tha didn’t quite work out, did it? Let this be a warning to you – this is what happens when you can’t be bothered to get out of bed o watch the birdies.

Branny insists I post a replacement.

mr handsome

He says that’s better

~ by opusanglicanum on March 23, 2013.

11 Responses to “Something old”

  1. The apron is gorgeous. So is Branston! I love the first picture.

  2. The embroidery has stood up to the test of time – that’s the most important thing – and, it’s one of my favourite designs. I find my embroidery has changed somewhat over the years too as I’ve focused on more authentic stitches but I still like your old interpretation and I would also be very comfortable wearing it.
    Branston is simply a handsome fellow, no matter the photo. The first looks so cat-like and reminds me of mine, but both are good – and he knows it!!

    • its a design with a lot of life, and it fills the space well. my teechnique had got better, but some of my older stuff still isn’t too bad (mind you some of tis bloody awful, but I showed some of that last year)

      trust me, branny is not a good cat – he’s smacked me twice already today, violent little snot

      • You really wouldn’t want Branny any other way actually. It’s the incredible character of them that makes those of us who adore cats feel rather superior. Mine are towing the line at the moment as I am taking care of my daughters Irish Wolfhound for the weekend and as she is such a moose in size they are being quite good themselves.

        I just lost my darling Dad a few days ago and the house was so horribly empty it was thought that the dog would help me for a bit, since she has such a large presence. One cat is grieving Dad terribly but the other two are currently happily tolerating ‘the dog’ but no doubt I shall pay for this when she goes home Monday evening.

      • sorry about your dad, its hard – I was a mess for six months when my granda went

        when my previous kitty, miss pickle, was barely four months old, a friedn came to stay with his wolfhound. Our two grown up boy cats studiously ignored the dog, but pickle, who was never a big girl, beat the crap out of the poor thing.

        wolfhounds can’t half yelp when they’re in pain

        sometimes cats can have a bit too much character

  3. I rather liked the first photo of Branny!

  4. He is very handsome, indeed. 😀 Look at them whiskers! 😉

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