watch the birdy!

Due to an unfortunate error in Beatus of liebina’s personal copy of the old testament, I bring you~ drumroll please~ The Duck of Peace…

duck of peace

Gareth is quite insistent that I ought to embroider some oranges onto the branch so that it comes with it’s own sauce.

Personally I prefer duck with cherries.

~ by opusanglicanum on April 2, 2013.

9 Responses to “watch the birdy!”

  1. That is too funny! And that is most certainly a duck head on that bird. They seem to have been rather casual about their zoology back then.

  2. I love this bird. Truly. His size amazes me – in relation to the hands holding him – wow he could feed the whole family on the Ark for days.

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  4. This is my favourite bit – something about the spots. Plus doves are a bit soppy and the duck has attitude.

  5. Gareth has a twisted sense of humour, but I do love your duck of Peace. And if you prefer cherries, you add cherries. It’s your Duck, after all..!

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