Noah’s Ark – finished

I’m currently not happy with the mounting, but not sure how to rectify it. I tried prick-stitching the bottom edge but I think I may well end up taking it apart and doing the finishing all over again. It will have to do for this weekend though.

noah finished

Noah’s ark from the manuscript of Beatus of Leibina’s apocalypse.

Veg dyed wool (madder, weld, cochineal, indigo, walnut – mostly what was left over from the reykjahlid antependium project, plus a few extras) on manx tweed. Laid and couched work (bayeux stitch), stem stitch, split stitch.

Approx 21×32 inches

The wool was a little coarse as an embroidery surface, but this only meant I had to be careful about stitch placement, and overall it was pleasant to work upon.

For those who missed it, better pics of individual panels and tentative identification of beasts can be found by clicking – bird, captain’s cabin, top deck, amidships, lower deck, border, setting up

As a quick and dirty, eleven and a half week project, this was just what I needed after finishing the antependium

~ by opusanglicanum on April 3, 2013.

28 Responses to “Noah’s Ark – finished”

  1. Beautiful work!

  2. A Masterpiece! Congratulations!

  3. It looks grand. Wonderfully colourful and slightly crazy. I love it!

  4. It’s gorgeous, including the slightly crazy colours. And very colourful.

    And lovely high contrast, which makes everything stick out.

  5. How gorgeous! I can’t imagine how much work that would have taken. Did you get your template from a website or picture? I’ve been thinking about doing a sort of tapestry project like this; do you have any suggestions?

  6. It’s gorgeous! Well done. I love it. What don’t you like about the mounting?

  7. I really love the colors of your veg. dyed wools. What a perfect choice for this work.

  8. Fabulous and awe-inspiring! You are a very accomplished Medieval gentle-woman.

    I’m sorry about the slight puckering. Would it help if you stretched it on a frame?

  9. Lovely.

    I like how the colours, though rather crazy, contrast each other nicely (especially from deck to deck). Makes everything stand out well.

    As for the puckering, I can only suggest very small prick stitches all the way around. Possibly a double row?

    • i did already try pirck stitches at the bottom, and am not usre if they will look right at the top – I dont want to interefer with the blank space too much. I may have to cogitate for a while

  10. Absolutely fantastical!

  11. Thanks so much for sharing the finished with us. I love watching your projects as they progress. It’s a fine example with the colours adding much to the overall look. I wouldn’t change a thing. Brilliant!!

  12. If only my quick and dirties were as lovely as this.

  13. It’s been fascinating to watch this piece developing, and it’s lovely to see it as a whole now that you’ve finished it.

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