December. labours of the months

december labours

December from the Labours of the months, split stich, wool on wool.

I find this one interesting as modern folks seem to expect December to depict Christmas, and all seem surprised that New year is deemed more important here – it’s a good discussion point.

I was feeling quite pleased with Mr Skelly, but alas, the background fabric colour ran a little and he’s gone pink. Gareth agrees with me that he now looks far too healthy to be a proper skeleton.

I know, like buses, two at once. I had finished this one before I got round to plying the handspun wool for the October beasties, is why.

Tomorrow’s task is sewing all 12 to a backing cloth so I can get the sizes right for the filler panels(and you know I’m going to get bored with those – me and repetition are not friends)


~ by opusanglicanum on April 9, 2013.

16 Responses to “December. labours of the months”

  1. Ooh, I love this one! I see no problem with a skeleton in the pink at that time of year; he’s obviously enjoying a tankard of the good stuff; that’d bring the color to anyone’s cheeks.

    • i like the skeleton, but I was a bit dissatisfied with how the man came out – mainly cos I couldn’t wirk out the drapery which was obscure in the original

  2. That skeleton’s hilarious. 🙂

  3. “Mr. Skelly” reminds me of the skeleton costumes I made for my boys one Halloween…. bones, bones, and more bones.

    • hes not exactly realistic, is he?

      • Mr. Skelly is just fine! I did look at the close-up photo and noticed the bleeding of red you mentioned. I felt your frustration… I made a navy linen suit once with white collar and cuffs… poured my heart and soul into that suit and it was beautiful until the darn thing faded on itself (highly unusual) the first time I had it dry-cleaned. Oh well, what can you do?!

      • it happened on the other red panel as well, but I didn’t notice – I thought it was because i’d spilled cherry compote on it whilst it was in my lunch bag and then the compote hadn’t washed out. It’s no the end of the world, this project is really about coping with my adhd tendencies by using up the odd ten minutes here and there anyway

  4. I like how they’re looking at each other and pointing, like “How YOU doin’?”

  5. I like Mr. Skelly’s big grin. And I agree – they are both probably drunk.

    (Congrats on finishing all 12!)

  6. You have my sympathy – I don’t get along too well with repetition either! Still, at least you’ll have an inebriated skeleton to look at!

  7. I like the sort of inverse festivities of this. Mirrors the medieval historian’s attitude to Christmas.

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