Book Cover. Finished. (weell, sort of of)

Inasmuch as the embroidery part is finished, and now it can be posted off to Alex to be mounted on an actual book…

book F1

I think there’s something almost masochistic about goldwork embroidery. I mean, I enjoy it whilst I’m in the middle of it, but it’s always a relief once it’s over.(and it makes my fingers sore)

I do have some reservations – I realised when I was almost finished that I’d taken one repeat from the original and used it over and over, ignoring certain subtle variations. I think now that maybe I should have used a slightly lighter weight gold twist. And my freehand work isn’t all that regular – but then at the same time it’s almost too neat because it’s a lot neater than the original

Anyway, it’s done, and next week I will find some good strong cardboard and send it off to Kent, Not to be seen again until November Torm. By which time I will most likely have forgotten what it looked like in the first place.

This is probably a good thing, since I think I may possibly be at the whingy, nitpicky stage of the project.

There are definite pros and cons to working on the velvet. Pro – you can hide a lot of stitches in the pile. Con – certain threads bring a lot of said pile fluffing out all over the place.

Gold thread on silk velvet. Vaguely book sized (can’t be arsed to go measure it now, it’s downstairs and the computer is on the second floor, ok?) Based on a c16th one from europaische stickeriein, which I’ve probably spelled wrong.

~ by opusanglicanum on April 25, 2013.

20 Responses to “Book Cover. Finished. (weell, sort of of)”

  1. Your work is amazing… so impressive.

  2. Its marvelous! Are you going to post a finished version of the book as well when your friend is done?Cat Weekly

  3. Your cross is stunning. Thank you for sharing it and boy do I wish I could do that!!

  4. The natural variations of hand-stitching give it enough charm not to need a more varied design. I think it looks very neat and very elegant. I can just see it being carried by someone in period cosutme. Do you know what book is going to be put into it, or will that be a surprise when you get it back?

    • I’m having a plain parchment notebook so I can use it to keep a record of what I base other pieces of embroidery on, since I keep forgetting names of things

  5. What a lovely, really splendid piece of embroidery!

  6. I recognise the “nitpicky stage”! However, speaking as one who did not stitch it, I think it looks gorgeous!

    • with performance they say you should always be gracious with applause, becasue to say your own performace was terrible is to insult your audience by implying they are too stupid to know good from bad, and being nitpicky does sometimes feel similarly ungracious, but I think its something all branches of creativity are prone too. Perhaps its because any creative endeavour is incredibly subjective, so we feel we have to apologetically point out our deficiencies before anyone else can do so?

  7. Lovely. I particularly like the subtle variations in the tone of the gold, and in the textures. And I agree – the repeating of the design looks fine, because of the beautiful handstitching and the subtleties imparted by the materials.

    I can’t wait to see how it will look as a book, particularly with the lovely bookmarks in it.

    (And yes, I totally agree about the nitpicky stage of crafting. Although, it seems I don’t have so much a stage as a endless stream of nitpickyness. My other half tells me off for it … a lot. I try to curb it because sometimes (particularly to those who don’t know me) it can come across as boastful false modesty. I hate that, because it really couldn’t be any further from the truth.)

    • I dont think the nitpicking can be helped, really, cos you get so obsessively close to things that it can become like being in a bad marriage where all you can see is th negative bits.

  8. Beautiful.
    And it’s not nitpicking, it’s self-analysis in the interests of improvement.

  9. Looking forward to seeing the finished volume.

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