kicking myself up the backside

Ok, so I am also doing anything I can to avoid the washing up…

old belt detailold belt

I did this piece of tablet weave maybe ten years ago. It’s just over two inches wide and about four foot long, and is silk brocaded onto silk with a linen weft – the linen was deliberately used quite thick to give a somewhat corded appearance to the background. If memory serves me right(and I wouldn’t count on that becuase my memory is a most insolent servant) it’s based on a design from ecclesiatical pomp and aristocratic circumstance.

It was intended as a c15th gown belt, which is why I dug it out and remembered that it’s rather pretty, as I’m currently thinking about what to make to go with my velvet gown (alas this will not suit, but it will go nicely with something else). I really need to get round to putting a buckle and strap end on this and using it, even if only to see how this form of surface brocading stands up to being worn – I do rather fear that the buckle will pull the couched threads.

brocade belt

My other c15th gown belt, which is 3 inches wide and made from gold brocaded tablet weave (sometimes you do these things just to prove that you can – I never want to do one of these again!) won’t suit either, as it’s also too red to go with the velvet. I think I need something black and classy. The gold one isn’t doing to badly considering how much it’s been worn – it was bound to get a few creases.

~ by opusanglicanum on May 16, 2013.

2 Responses to “kicking myself up the backside”

  1. Well, they do look gorgeous!

    • the irritating thing is that when I wear the red adn gold oen I think 90% of people, including re enactors who should know better, assume that its just something shiny and indian that I went out and bought

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