Kirtle done


Sorry I couldn’t get the skirt spread out nicely, it was windy out.

New silk under-kirtle for my c15th dress. I love this silk, it’s sooo soft. I handsewed the whole thing. I made the linen lining first (flat felled seams done with unbleached linen) then basically sewed each silk panel over the coresponding linen one(with silk) because I find that avoids any major problems with lining and shell not fitting together properly. It still needs holes in the shoulders so that sleeves can be laced on if needed, but I can’t find my pointy thing at the moment so it will have to wait. I won’t need sleeves with the velvet gown, but I’m also thinking to maybe use this underneath another gown I’m planning for future, so the holes aren’t urgent.

This frock seemed to drag a bit in the making, since I made it over the course of two weeks sewing after dinner on work nights – after work is usually my embroidery time, whereas I tend to hand sew garments over a weekend box set binge, which is much more satisfactory as it gives a feeling of accomplishment at the end of a weekend.

Gareth says he just got and unwanted insight into my psyche. He leant over my shouler and asked why the photo was captioned as “eagletits”. I explained it was cos it has an eagle over each boob – I can’t see why he finds this so disturbing. I mean, he has met me!

~ by opusanglicanum on June 10, 2013.

12 Responses to “Kirtle done”

  1. I’d say “Poor Gareth”, but as you say, he’s met you, he shouldn’t be surprised by anything!

  2. Is that fabric from spoonflower?

  3. Lovely! And as opulent and OTT as I have come to expect from you. ^_^

  4. Eagle tits are pretty disturbing, especially if you take that Old Spice advert into account: šŸ˜‰

  5. Happy Birthday, dear Lady.
    I was going to send you an e-card, but Yahoo seems to have eaten your email address.
    Have a good one

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