filler panelzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

fill sides

Yay! finally finished all the filler panels for the labours of the months. I still have to sew them together though. Ick. I ahven’t even started on the tablet weave to cover all the joins yet

I think I got even more bored with these than I did with the panels from the antependium because I had to do them all at once.

Still, the first few of the rosettes will be exciting and shiny to do?


~ by opusanglicanum on June 17, 2013.

12 Responses to “filler panelzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…”

  1. This project is a real labour of Hercules, isn’t it!

    • well, to be fair it was started becuase it would take ages and therefore I wouldn’t have to think about what embrodiery to take to work, but the other thing I didn’t think about was how much I hate doing filler panels

  2. Huzzah! Well done!

    (And bravo on the free-handing. I know the medieval aesthetic doesn’t seem to care about things being symmetrical, but I’m not sure I could have restrained myself from creating a template.)

    • templates are a lot of work and I’m very very lazy. Lazy and impatient.

      It’s silly isn’t it, cos I feel slightly guilty about how wonky they sometimes are, and yet medieval things are often wonky. I really do believe that a lot of stuff like this would have been done freehand, at least by those experienced enough

      btw, were you at tatton this weekend? I only went for the day on saturday cos I was too tired from a week of birthday fun (we went on a steam train). SO glad I only went for one day, I ended up sleeping til nine on sunday, I can’t remember the last time I slept past seven!

      • I would feel guilty about the wonkiness, too. Authentic or not…

        (And no, the combination of 14th C group + group which rarely does national events + PhD making my reenacting near-nil meant I wasn’t at Tatton. I’m hoping to maybe make it to Tewkesbury this year, though (as public)).

      • am planning on tewkesbury, I’ve even booked a hotel, so maybe we’ll bump into one another?

        tatton used to be multi period medieval, and I think it technically still is, although it does seem to have been mobbed by the c15th lot. bit like tewkesbury really, cos you can hvae a bit of a giggle at some of the crap kit – none of it as bad as the white queen tho, since i didn’t spot any zips at tatton

  3. Yay! They’re lovely!

  4. How many of them did you have to do in the end? Makes my 20 stuffed ladybirds look quite stimulating!

    • there were 6 full(cross shaped) ones, ten half ones, and four quarters to go between the circles. I still have to make little round things for where the circle touch, i@ve done four out of 17 full ones of those, and then there will be 12 half ones – but they’re quite small

  5. Yay!

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