Aaargh, me hearties!


Sorry, I had to share my treasure piccy, cos it feels like I have loot. I get so used to seeing stuff lying around on my bench as dirty, unpolished silver, that I get a little startled by the sight of it once it’s been gold plated.

I drove down to Sheffield first thing this morning and the nice man plated it whilst I waited. Gareth very charitably said that he thinks the necklace looked much nicer in silver. The belt fittings are based on van der weyden’s magdalen reading, and I have warped up the belt for them, but I’ve had a really sore shoulder all week and have thus been unable to weave. I’m starting to worry that my shoulder wont get better in time to finish it for Tewkesbury in two weeks time.

The circlet, rings and pendant will have to wait until AUgust before I have time to set the stones. I’m having second thoughts about the circlet though – I’m thinking of having my old silver circlet plated (It’s the same basic design but has  two extra rows of stones, so 200 gems instead of the 120 this one has) and seeing if anyone would like to buy this one. I”d only sell it if I got an offer that made it worthwhile though, and it would be over £1000 as theres about a weeks work once the stones are set.

I got back from Sheffield and gave Gareth a presie – a nice bar of pistachio chocolate I’d bought him – and he gave me something he’d bought for me. He bought me a sink plunger. I keep thinking that one of these days he’ll get the hang of romance…

~ by opusanglicanum on June 29, 2013.

12 Responses to “Aaargh, me hearties!”

  1. I’d like to find someone who plates things around here. I only wear silver and sometimes the plating comes off my favourite things.

    Is a plunger a present? I’m not sure it qualifies.

    • they tend to be in large industrial areas – hence my 80 mile round trip to sheffield (he was very obliging and did it whilst I waited though). The problem is often finding someone who will take small jobs, as many can’t be bothered. try googling electroplaters in your area, you might be surprised – esp as there are many more who do silver than gold due to the expense of keeping that much gold around

      can’t say I’ve rushed to unwrap it

  2. (slaps Gareth on head) Perhaps Gareth needs you to write a list of gift suggestions… sort of like Gift-Giving for Noobs.

  3. Sink plunger, nice.

  4. If it was me, the other half would be *wearing* the sink plunger by now…

  5. In my experience the men who can’t get the hang of romance do compensate in other ways, either because they are fun to have around, or because they are simply more reliable than the other sort. But sometimes it would be nice if they’d at least try!

    • he can do romantic when he makes the effort, but most of the time he just can’t be bothered. he insists I need a sink plunger and he bought me the best one known to man

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