my fingers are sore


Spent the afternoon handsewing fur onto the hem of my new silk velvet dress, that’s about 7 metres of hem.

I’ve got good tree rat for the collar and cuffs but this is just bunny, it’s not worth spending a firtune on good stuff for the hem when it will need replacing in a few years (I expect my stuff to last, and have outfits older than some re enactors)

~ by opusanglicanum on June 30, 2013.

8 Responses to “my fingers are sore”

  1. Looks lovely! What do you do to clean the fur/velvet after use?

    • mostly you just try not to get them dirty. velvet you brush, fur you use bran to clean if it gets really dirty, but this fur wil get replaced if it gets really bad

  2. Replaced at the expense of more sore fingers! I hope the satisfaction of having it done will make up for the soreness…

    • its wearing off now. oddly, its seem to have been pushing the leather needle through cloth that hurt, leather needles, it would seem, go fine through leather, but dont like cloth

  3. That looks fabulous. I love the colour of the silk. By the way, I picked up the packet of silk samples today – sooooo gorgeous – thanks ever so much. I can’t wait to get home to spread them out and have a real look.

    Also thought you might like to know that Pete has a mate who is compiling all the inaccuracies in the White Queen – double glazing, cast iron railings, zips in dresses and so on. Pete gets more despairing with every frame.

  4. Gorgeous colour! It works really well with the fur, I hope your fingers survive it!

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