Salome necklace finished

fin sal

I re-enamelled all but two of the flowers in the end – I think I had a bad batch of white.

On the experimental archaeology front, I think the ribbon in the painting is definitely to protect the neck. My first Idea of tube rivets didn’t work because I couldn’t apply enough pressure on the back of the enamel to fit them correctly, and my second set of rivets are a bit like paper studs with two prongs bending out. Normally you’d hammer them flat and then file them smooth, but you can’t hammer enamel, cos it’s glass (In fact I removed the enamel from the ones I re-did by hannering the backs of them), so the ribbon became necessary to cover the backs of the rivets.

I deally I could have done with getting two sizes of the garnet beads, as some of the diamonds would only accomodate 6mm, whereas others fit 8mm nicely, but I had to go with one or the other, since even at the wholesalers the 8mm were going to be £48.

I’ve used a toffee coloured modern velvet ribbon for now, as it was the only thing of a suitable colour, but I can’t decide whether to tablet weave a similar coloured replacement or seek out a nice soft suede.

Oh, and this is the bed-hogging little snot who woke me up at 4am this morning by yelling in my ear. And why did he do this? Because, apparently, his chin needed rubs. this is why you don’t get the necklace modelled – I had bags beneath my eyes.

bed hog

Gold plated silver, enamelled silver, pearls, garnets, peridot, amethyst, coral, citrine, lapis lazuli

~ by opusanglicanum on July 10, 2013.

17 Responses to “Salome necklace finished”

  1. Quite lovely and I rather like the caramel velvet ribbon……should disappear while wearing quite nicely. So much smoother to wear as well. Thank you for showing the finished work.

  2. Naughty kitty! I hope you are able to take a modeling photo tomorrow, then. I’m wondering if there was any symbolism in the design….

  3. That looks great: rich and ornate but still but dainty and charming. Wear it with pride!

  4. This is just mind-blowing to me. It’s gorgeous, and to think that you made this. Amazing.

    • it nearly didn’t get made – I had terrible trouble with the white enamel. in the end I went ut and bought a whole new batch, wchih proved my conclusion that there was something wrong with the first one by working

  5. I think I would go for suede eventually, but the velvet is lovely!

    • I;m starting to think suede might be nicer than tablet weave, or maybe a nice bit of doeskin (I have a doeskin coat that would be perfect, but am loathe to cut it up even though I never wear it)

  6. Very nice – and I like how incongruous the bright colours of the enamel are with the stereotypical idea of ‘medieval’. The ribbon makes perfect sense in retrospect – experimental archaeology in action! – although I’d personally go for a darker brown.

    (P.S. Are you going to Tewkesbury? And if so, roughly where might I find your group/encampment?)

  7. You are way too talented! The necklace is gorgeous. So is the kitty.

  8. […] the necklace […]

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