petrus christus hat finished

hat fin

All done. I wore it on Saturday at Tewkesbury (*waves to PAnth*) It was jolly hot though, so I went out for the morning, armed with a bag of frozen brussel sprouts under my dress to keep me cool (Don’t knock it til you’ve treid it) and then retreated to my hotel room for a nap in the afternoon before sallying forth to the beer tent in the evening.

hat wire

I did wire the veil in the end. It’s a simple loop of copper wire shaped and then fixed with a few stitches at the opposing ends of the loop.

hat tw det

The tablet weave was a very simple brocade, my own pattern based around what I could see in the painting, and it’s only 19 cards wide(which isn’t much in silk thread). I was a bit miffed with myself though, because when I was winding on I lost hold on warp and the cards sprang all over the place – I normally tie them together but of course this time I hadn’t. I ended up with a terrible tangle and it meant I couldn’t weave the piece as long as I wanted(I did untangle it to an extent and continue weaving but I lost the end of the warp), resulting in about a one inch gap with no tablet at the back of the hat. I had a very similar scrap from another piece, which I got out and intended to piece in, but then I lost that somewhere in the living room. I’m hoping it turns up this week so I can sew it on. NO one noticed the gap though, or if they did they were too polite to say.

I don’t have pics of the finished gown yet – in fact I think I want to tweak it a bit before I take proper pics. That and I need to do a minor repair to the furred hem where Lulu, Simon and LEsley’s ridiculously cute cocker spaniel puppy savaged it a bit. Lulu made me laugh, she crawled under my long skirt just the way branston does.

On Sunday I decided to have a day trip to Bath instead of sweating out the rest of the event, and thouroghly enjoyed the Laura Ashley exhibition. I think I’m going to give the book to our nieghbour Helen though, as an extra cat-sitting present, as she works for Laura Ashley and really loves their stuff.

Gareth and I have definitely got the hang of this road trip thing though – Friday we stopped for lunch at the excellent pheonix restaurant in Leaminton Spa (steamed scallops with black beans), then when we hit rush hour traffic in Stow we ambled down a back lane until we found a nice pub, where we lazed around until the traffic died down (cos who wants to sit in traffic anyway, let alone in that sort of heat) and on the way home we stopped in Leamington again for an evening picnic in the park.

~ by opusanglicanum on July 15, 2013.

17 Responses to “petrus christus hat finished”

  1. Gorgeous!

  2. Wow… amazing. Beautiful workmanship!

  3. Tis good to see the hat unveiled – you get to admire the detail and the work more. (And, no, I did not notice any missing section of tablet weaving.)

    T’was great to see you (and to see you in kit!). We too chickened out from the weather – made it to nearly 5pm but decided against standing out in the sun and watching the battle (after all, it’s always better on the other side of the ropes…). By the end, a frozen bag of brussel sprouts would have been very welcome! ^_^

  4. The hat looks wonderful!
    The whole trick of travelling, it seems to me, is not to be in a hurry…

  5. Naive question, but how does it stay on? Is there knack to pinning it?

    • it stayed on reasonably well as it is, although it did move around a bit, so I think next time I’ll wear a small hatpin through the back (and my hair) to stabilise it

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  8. I knew those dang brussel sprouts had to exist for some reason! Who knew?

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  10. I love your work it is simply stunning!! Do you do any online classes as it is a little far for me to travel from Australia Joy

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