rings and things

well, thing, at least.

My task for the summer break, in addition to having fun going to all the events I couldn’t get too last year because either they were rained off or I was working, is long.

I need to repair and refurbish some stuff for work, I have three pieces of embroidery I want to do, I want to make gareth’s christmas present, make some dress mounts, and tidy up my workbench.

And by tidy my workbench I mean finish all the half finished projects – a few bits of jewelery, two chalices and a bowl.

I started by setting the stones in a few bits from the latest hall marking parcel.

3 rings

two very simple silver gilt rings that will do for any period, one ruby, and one with a nice, pointed, native cut amethyst. The more fancy one with the opal in it is Roman, since I seem to have lost most of my Roman rings.

opal pendant

that’s my knee, btw, bet you’re glad I waxed my legs last week! A silver gilt, opal, and amethyst pendant. It’s based on a german c15th brooch. I’ve done two versions as a brooch, one of which I lost, and decided to try a smaller version to be worn as a pendant – because it’s smaller I omitted the pearls that should sit between the arms. I like those opals, theyre an odd size (7mm – standard sized stones come in 6mm and 8mm) and they’re a solid stone rather than the doublets or triplets you normally get with opal

~ by opusanglicanum on July 17, 2013.

6 Responses to “rings and things”

  1. Good progress to clearing your workbench, and very nice looking pieces, as well!

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  4. So, seriously, is there nothing you can do? Other than watch the White Queen?

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