Oh poo!

I finished sewing on all the spangles

spangles 1

Well, all except the one I just found on the carpet, anyway. Have you spotted the problem yet?

I rang Neil, and he said 249 spangles in 10grammes, and I thought, “Ooh that sounds like loads, that’ll do!” Then I got them and laid a few out on the piece to see what they looked like, realised I was going to need more, and got Neil to send me another 10g. Then this morning I finished sewing on the first 10g, realised I wasn’t yet halfway through, and swore a bit – well ok, swore quite a lot actaully – and rang Neil and Benton and Johnson.

Except Neil is on holiday, and apparently no one at Toye Kenning and Spencer is actaully capable of taking an order for spangles, so I have to ring back when Neil comes to work. Which is a bit crap of them.

spangles 2

It’s a good bit sparklier than I was expecting, but I’m assuming they’ll tarnish a bit.

Gareth has spent the day alternating between asking why I don’t just superglue on some plastic ones because they’d look exactly the same, and teasing me about turning into my mum (My mum never knowingly leaves the house without wearing more sequins than an entire cohort of Las Vegas showgirls. This is normally teamed with a pink flloyd tee-shirt)

~ by opusanglicanum on July 25, 2013.

17 Responses to “Oh poo!”

  1. It looks beautifully spangle-y!

  2. Patience! Spangles will be available eventually. Meanwhile the coif can have a rest and put its feet up. It know it’s looking gorgeous.

  3. It looks lovely and will be worth the wait at least, though I sympathise, having just negotiated my way through some supply issues of my own. I’ve also just ordered about 700 spangles for my next project and hope most fervently that they will be sufficient!

  4. Spangles seem to just disappear, don’t they. I thought I had plenty for the nightcap and now I’m wondering will I have enough for the brim!

    • I’ve only found two on the carpet, so I ahven’t dropped many – and I did whip them out of branston’s way when he was having a nutabout, so it’s not even as though he’s lost any either

  5. Wow, you work fast! That was a lot of stitching!
    You couldn’t go through a B&J distributor in England? Do they have them there?

    • the only distributors I’ve ever come across are small craft shops that charge three times as much, its easier and cheaper to deal direct

      • Ah – like every goldwork supply seller in Australia, then. Would have thought it’d be easier in the UK.

      • it normally is, except when niel goes on holiday

        I treid to comment on your blog yesterday, btw, but it insisted I’d got my own email adress wrong. I was trying to say I just put everything in wp reader and use that

  6. Tell Gareth that Las Vegas showgirls wear lots more spangles, sequins, and feathers. And then they don’t wear them at all.

  7. Given that you aren’t the sparkly type in general, this is surprising. I, on the other hand, love it.

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