another shirt

THere’s no bollocks  philosophy with this one. Gareth saw the fabric, Gareth liked the fabric and said he wanted black with it, I made a shirt

world shirt

However, I learnt several interesting facts about world geography whilst making this one

– madagasgar is situated just off the north coast of scotland

– Brasil has a land border with Nigeria

– Australia and Scandinavia don’t exist (which reminded me of the tale of foulke fitz warren, which confidently asserts that in Sweden, “there are no men, only serpents and other foul beasts)

-England has a city called “shetfield”

I think there may have been a reason the fabric was somewhat moderately priced… Seriously though, Gareth has the worst sense of direction of anyone I have ever met, so I’m just hoping that next time he goes to Shetfield to get drunkenend with Dr Dirt, he doesn’t rely on his shirt to navigate home or I may never see him again.

Hang on, was there meant to be a downside to that?

BUt can I get a squee for aeroplane buttons?


What little boy wouldn’t want those on his shirt?

Honestly, I will get this silly crap out of my system soon, and there will be a historical embroidery post sometime within the next week.

~ by opusanglicanum on August 4, 2013.

11 Responses to “another shirt”

  1. Interesting

  2. Love the buttons and colors. Very nice!!

    Oh, look, Borneo is just off the coast of Mexico and near San Diego…. XD

  3. squee!

  4. Great buttons! Gareth will have to get used to people reading his shirt and attempting to put the world to rights.

    • Best part is, he’s taking me to an italian restaurant tonight, and wearing it, but there’s no italy either. I’ts actually really hard to find nice buttons for mens shirts, most of them are too girly.

  5. I’m loving these shirts. What a fun way to learn all those boring geography details…

  6. Well, since Gareth will be wearing the shirt it will probably be hard to use it as a map…. Pity he can’t just touch one of the aeroplane buttons and be teleported home!

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