tape measure skirt

something for me this time

tape skirttape det 

It’s mid-calf length. In theory I like the combination of safety pins and tape measures, but in practice I’m not so sure – although Gareth really liked it once it was on (Gareth is so untactful that at least when he says he likes something I can believe him). There wasn’t a pattern, just long rectangular strips of safety pin fabric alternated with triangles of tape measure, trimmed off at the bottom and then joined at the top. I didn’t bother with a proper waistband, they’re never comfy and I always wear my shirt over anyway.

No way am I ever wearing this when he wears his tape measure shirt, we’d look like a right pair of matched saddos.

~ by opusanglicanum on August 10, 2013.

4 Responses to “tape measure skirt”

  1. As you say, lack of tact does make praise more believable. I’m never quite sure whether that is enough compensation, though..

  2. I think it’s rather splendid, but then I love a flippy skirt, me.

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