the other tape measure skirt

2nd tape skirt

I ended up with another piece of the tape measure print in a different colourway, hence the second skirt. The deep, hidden pleats wrok quite well, showing as the skirt moves (I sewed them so they stay pleated and the black is made partly from gareth’s old jeans so it has a bit of wieght to it). I do need to adjust it though, cos I cocked up the size and can easily fit both fists inside the waistline, and I think it needs to be shortened a little.

~ by opusanglicanum on August 14, 2013.

6 Responses to “the other tape measure skirt”

  1. I love that!

    I want to make a similar skirt- I have some gorgeous tropical print but not enough to make anything, so I want to make a black skirt like yours and insert the tropical.

  2. Very well done – love the color inserts. Using a tape measure (grin) for the waist fit would have been a good idea. You might want to add some darts in front and back.

    • I did use a tpae measure, I think I just made my seam allowances a bit over generous (I had pmt and was a bit bloaty, I’ve done the same thing before under the same circumstance, I can only conclude I shouldn’t do stuff whilst pre-mentrual)

  3. I’ve used patterns and still ended up over-sized. There’s more to this fitting lark than meets the eye!

    • i think in my case I need to learn that no matter how much I want to get on with something I just can’t make myself skirts when I’m all bloaty and pre-menstrual cos I invariably overestimate the measurements. also I shouldn’t bake cos I burn things, I’m sure I had a cow I would also conform to the old wives tale and curdle the milk!

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