Finished pearl embroidered placket

By the time I got to the ninth flower I was almost starting to get competant at it. You get to see it the right way up this time, too.

pearl embroidery, fifteenth century

pearl embroidery, fifteenth century

Sorry its on a wierd angle, the pearls were to shiny to take the pic straight on.

For those who missed it the how to post is here.

You may recall I mentioned earlier that I once bought a hundred strings of seed pearls. At the time I assumed this would be a lifetime supply, but this morning I realised I’m down to forty strings left, which means…OMG! OMG! MY TIME’S RUNNING OUT! i’M GOING TO DIE!!!

Or maybe I’m just going to have to buy pearls soon…meh – it could go either way, whatcha gonna do?


~ by opusanglicanum on August 15, 2013.

16 Responses to “Finished pearl embroidered placket”

  1. There’s plenty of life left in you yet.

  2. So beautiful and inspiring.

  3. I recommend buying the pearls. You never know what to expect from death.

  4. Beautiful job!!!

  5. Buy more pearls!

  6. Definitely buy more pearls. These are lovely!

  7. I’m exhausted from reading through your blog–seeing your beautiful
    work. Do you have more than the usual 24 hours a day?

  8. […] and a placket […]

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