Sorry I haven’t posted for a week, but I’ve been trying to get a head start on making Christmas presents and I can’t post them because I know certain recipients have been known to pop by this corner of the internet from time to time.

Gareth and I are off for a weekend in London, or at least we are trying to be off. We’ve just spent three hours sitting in an airtight train with no air-con, which broke down just outside Grantham and are currently running a magnificent five hours late. To make matters worse, although the train is now moving it has run out of food (not that trains sell much that’s gluten free anyway) and obviously we missed lunch at our favourite restaurant.

Gareth got so desperate he had to break into the treats we were carrying for our hosts – macaron, ginger-cake, and bakewell tart. We decided bakewell would be the easiest thing to pilfer because its filling, and Gareth did a very good job of cutting it with my HOtel Chocolat loyalty card.

Instead all I have to show you is this bag I made before I got dressed this morning, using that pintucking experiment I did about a month back, some black linen and some vintage braids


It currently contains three pairs of knickers, two shirts, two skirts, a nightie, a pair of tights and a washbag, cos I packed light for our weekend away. Except now I’m worried we’ll have nowhere to sleep cos Roger might not let us in the hosue now we’ve eaten half his bakewell tart


~ by opusanglicanum on August 29, 2013.

10 Responses to “Booooored!”

  1. I’d let you in.

  2. I’d have let you in, too, after a nightmare journey like that!

    • we’re a bit worried about the journey back right now, apparently our train did a lot of damage and there are still delays – and gareth wanted to go to a beer festival in leeds tonight

  3. I’d let you in, but I’d lick the Hotel Chocolat card.

  4. Did you ever get there?

  5. Hope you finally got off the train and managed to have a good weekend before going back to work. Loved the bag. Margy xxxxx

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