Progess, sort of

I’m not going to do my blue dye vat this week, as it’s a stinky job and we have a furry little houseguest this week, who tends to pee when he smells things he doesn’t like, and I don’t want to upset him.

I spent the weekend sewing all the filler into the Labours hanging

labours almost filled

I need to do the tablet weave now, plain, to cover all those raw edges. I definitely need two differrent widths, as the stuff for the smaller circles need to be a bit narrower, but I can’t decide whether to do them all one colour, or to do a different colour for the small and large circles.

While I was sewing on the half circles around the edge I realised that I’d counted wrong, I needed fourteen, not the twelve I’d done.

The word the sprang immedeiately to mind was “arse”

Meanwhile, whilst I was failing at counting, my cat was failing at hide and seek


I think the same word is applicable…


~ by opusanglicanum on September 30, 2013.

21 Responses to “Progess, sort of”

  1. Wow, that is looking (as the kids say!). Liking the toe that got in the photo lol!

  2. There was me thinking cats were good at hiding!

  3. Your work is amazing!

  4. It’s going to be amazing. So colourful and busy. Perhpas you could save yourself the effort of making braid and use cat tails around the edges?

    • oooh, don’t tempt me.

      trouble is they don’t match, we’ve got one fluffy grey one and one skinny stripey one (the tail is he only part of poor hobbes that is skinny)

  5. That’s lovely! 😀
    I was hand sewing some trousers the other day, and the cat manage to wrap herself up completely in the fabric. You couldn’t tell she was there at all, except for her contented purr.

    • I don’t know what it is with cats and fabric. branston has to sit on every piece I try to cut, and we have a battle every night for the woolly pink blanket on the bed

      he usually wins, git

  6. Wow. Very impressive!

    (I also like that we get to see how you’ve put all the pieces together.)

  7. It’s beautiful! I think my fave is June, with the fellow harvesting. Are you going to hang this on a wall at home?

    • I think my favourite is may, because I really enjoyed doing the dapples on the horse. No, not at home, it will go in the tent at events. Partly I don’t have things hanging at home becasue I prefer to look at other peoples art during my downtime, partly because Branston doesn’t like textiles hangings and just jumps up and rips them off the wall!

  8. Your work is amazing! Thanks so much for following my blog.

  9. This is so fantastic – it was lovely in bits, but together… Gorgeous.

    BTW have you encountered Isabel on Sky Arts? It’s Isabel of Ferdinand and Isabella fame – but hilarious. Makes the Tudors and White Queen look like documentaries. Medieval historian for some reason is loving it.

  10. I shall try and look it up

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