The Trial batch of cards came back from the printer – Noah’s ark, the antependium, and an opus anglicanum purse. They’re six inch square blank cards with Ivory envelopes.

Gareth insists they have to be £2 each, so I’m thinking a set of 3 for £5?

Shameless plug time – if anyone would like to support my baby business venture by buying a set that’s £5 plus 50p postage uk, or £1 outside the uk – comment and I’ll send you paypal details since I can’t currently work out how to do paypal buttons in wordpress



~ by opusanglicanum on October 18, 2013.

29 Responses to “Cards”

  1. Those came out very nicely. Good luck!

  2. Yes!! I’ve been a follower for a long time, and I’d love to purchase your cards. I couldn’t find your email address on this blog … so please email the details of how to purchase to me. Thanks!! — Cindy

  3. Very nice. Here artist cards sell for between $4 and $5 CAN, so you might be able to charge a bit more. When I first looked at them the thing that came to mind was the National Trust shops. Is there any way your cards might be of interest to them?

  4. Your cards are so wonderful!
    As for PayPal, I hope this link will help:

    • I’m going to sit down and work out paypal voer half term, for now people will just have to cope with direct paypal invoices, cos I’m too busy for irritating computer stuff

  5. yes, please!

  6. If you work out the wordpress thing, let me know, as one of these days I might want to do the same thing.
    And yes, please, I’d love to buy a set!

    • I will sit down and try to do it over half term – theres a tutorial online – but I’m too busy to cope with irritating computers right now

      I’ll send paypal invoices out to all who’ve asked

  7. Go have a flip through the racks of cards in a boutique-type shop (not Clintons or a supermarket). You’ll find that most nice cards (particularly those with proper art prints on) are at least £2 a piece, sometimes £3-something. Of course, it’s good to offer a discount on bulk purchases (e.g. 5s or 3s/6s, depending if you prefer to work in metric or in dozens – I guess it’ll depend on what size your orders are).

    If you have a few left over by TORM I’d gladly buy some for the stash.

    • In the unlikeley event that I sell them all at Nottingham I’d definately have them re-printed for Torm, so there will definately be some on JOhn’s shields stall, even if I’m not there myself (I’ll be there late Friday, as I have work in the morning, then we’re going for a day in Oxford Saturday, and I have a breakfast meeting Sunday, so I probably wont get ther til about two)

      • The cards look fantastic! If you want to meet up for coffee in Oxford, or would like some tips on what not to miss (no idea if you are familiar with Oxford or not), give me a shout. Unless I’ll manage to get a lift to TORM I will have to stay home.

      • we have a day in oxford twice a year, its generally just a day in the ashmolean and a visit to the pub. I’d offer you a lift to torm but I only have two seats cos I drive a little van. btw, I would love to meet up sometime, but probably not this time as gareth is already pouting about me cutting into our weekend away with work and meetings

  8. Would love to buy a set – is 50p postage enough?

  9. I’ll have £20’s worth – I know loads of people who would really appreciate them. Gorgeous.

  10. Yes, I’d like a set. Please send the invoice!

  11. Loved seeing all your beautiful things at Nottingham and great you finished the labours hanging in time to give it an airing before the season ended . Do contact me please . Eleanor aka The Abbess

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  13. I would like to buy your cards please but not to send, just for me! Xx

    • Hi, if you can let me know which country you’re in and how many you’d like (they’re three for £5)ill sort out a PayPal invoice for you tomorrow. I’m on my phone this evening, so I’ll have to wait until I’m on a proper computer. I’ll send a pic of the designs I have

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