Still busy

Still busy finishing stuff for the weekend. These came back from the platers today, four silver rings gold plated.

j rings

I came straight home and set the stones. And I put my grubby little fingers inside them for scale – at class once I made john a ring and people wondered what it was because it was so big – he has fingers like bunches of bananas.

From left to right, sugilite, amethyst, a carnelian intaglio (which I’m a bit miffed about, to be honest, since decent intaglios are hard to find and expensive to buy, but this ring is roughly based one one belonging to richard the lionheart and needed an intaglio. I bought that for me, dammit) and a bloodstone intaglio (I’m not so miffed about that one, as it’s not a brilliant stone).

They actaully don’t look too awful considering that I made all four in one afternoon. He wanted more king bling, cos obviously the crown


and orb and sceptre I made him


That I made him years ago simply aren’t enough

~ by opusanglicanum on October 22, 2013.

11 Responses to “Still busy”

  1. Lovely. I would prefer them silver, but they are beautiful. I’ve got to learn how to do that.

  2. They did love their bling, didn’t they. Do we have any idea how many rings it was normal for one person to wear at a time in that period?

    • I think as many as you could possibly fit on your fingers. I dont think there was any more a normal number of rings to wear in medeival times than there is a normal number to wear now

      The one I can never get the hang of is the ancient roman habit of wearing rings between the middle two joints of the finger, rather than pushed all the way up. I’m not a ring wearer, or in fact a jewelery wearer on a habitual basis, and I tend to see them simply as part of my costume, so maybe the roman thing just feels even more unnatural to a non ring wearer?

  3. Words fail me. So much talent.

  4. Wow, I’m impressed. Lots of nice shiny stuff. We need proper social ranking in later medieval re-enactment, to drive it home to the public that htey are just plens.

  5. How have you made the crown, please?

    • it was loosely based on an extant one (can’t recall which offhad) so it made in 8 panels, which to be honest I should hvae curved slightly. but each panel is slightly different – which is quite normal with medeival jewels – it’s silver with simple bezel settings for the stones and some filigree wirework, it was gold palted once finsihed and then hinge pins put in to connect the bits together

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