I have been really bad about taking, and consequently putting up pictures, of events this year. Not that I’m ever all that brilliant at it, but I did want a picture of my embroidery display with the antependium, and that never happened. I made an effort this weekend

JOhn had been complaining that his sword fittings weren’t quite spiffy enough for being all kingly like. So I cobbled this together.


I covered his existing scabbard with red silk velvet and clagged on bling in the form of gilded leather lions, as well as some large gemstones that had been set into homemade gilt-silver dress mounts which were surrounded by pearls. I also re-bound the hilt in velvet and made a sort of half arsed attempt at gilding the pommel (that’s the round bit at the end ) with leaf, which didn’t work out as well as I hoped. The chape (that’s the bit round the mouth of the scabbard) is gilded leather. I’ve been saying for years that I want to do a really ostentatious set of sword fittings for the royal regalia, and although this looks passable it’s made me think that I really want to do a better job, which is going to involve stripping a blade right down and making silver gemset, or possibly enamelled, pommel and quillen (that’s the cross bar at the top of the blade).

THis will of course completely throw off the balance of the blade, thus rendering it useless for combat. Which is fine, cos if I’m going to spend weeks decorating a piece of scrap metal (I dislike swords and have zero interest in combat, partly due to the utterly boorish attitude of so many combat re-enactors both male and female – and my experience the girls are far worse) I would have to summarily execute john if he even thought about fighting with it.

So it’s a good job he’s retired from combat, really.

Mainly the sword was placed in the tent to look pretty, and small children were occaisionally allowed to pose with it.

nott john

JOhn, as King Richard (which I always find confusing) wearing his new royal surcote with gilded leather lions (wipe clean when his majesty spills soup!). He loved his new rings, but says he wants four more so he can have one on each finger – this could be a slight problem as between the sword and the existing four rings I pretty much exhausted my supply of larger stones. I shall have to shopping.

nott 2013 silver

THe king’s private chapel, with antependium and noah’s ark. FRustratingly the carved frame for the tryptych is still not done. And I really need to do something about that tent pole. Bummed that I didn’t get any of my new chalices finished.

And finally, the labours in situ. Maybe I should have tidied up that messy pile of napkins before taking pics… but then I seem to end up doing far more housework in the tent than I ever do at home

nott 2013 labours

~ by opusanglicanum on October 30, 2013.

12 Responses to “NOttingham”

  1. The finished labours look pretty amazing…. And by the way having watched the BBC 4 Fabric of Britain series I now understand the reason for the name of your blog!

  2. I knew what the name meant! I’m glad to see everything on display – it’s the layers of detail that make this sort of event work, isn’t it..

    • obviously then, you are also significantly nerdy (it amuses me that gareth is the one with the science phd, but he thinks I’m the nerdy one)

      Everyone is agreed that if there ever comes a day when I set up the camp and theres nothing I want to improve it will be a sure sign of impending apocalypse

  3. The royal tent looks suitably grand decorated with your embroideries, and His Majesty looks very regal sitting in it.

  4. I stand in awe of your display. Very inspirational! (Of course, one of these days I’m going to have to cross paths with you and actually see it in person…).

    I’m going to have to very determinedly NOT show DH that scabbard. He currently has a hankering after a proper scabbard with silk and pretty chapes, etc. *sigh*

    • and so he should – as long as hte rest of his kit is up to the same standard.

      not that that one has proper chapes, mind, since it’s made from gilded leather – I really just didn’t have time to fabricate a metal one

  5. King Richard’s outfit looks very nice indeed. The sword goes well with his crown and bling.

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