tree two


A second sample piece for the weald and downland course.

It’s based on your basic medeival lollipop type tree, a type of which I’ve done several authentic examples, but this one is a looser, more modern interpretation. I’m aware that although some of the people on the course will want to learn strictly authentic medeival embroidery, there will also be some who want to learn the style and use it in different ways.

This one was actaully fun for me to do because I spend so much time trying to be as accurate as possible.

I wanted to use autumn colours, since it’s autumn and I’m collecting conkers. I used trellis couching for the leaves, which is a variation on laid and couched work found primarily in later crewel work, and I thought that here the negative space behind the trellis couching might work to evoke the skeletal look of decaying foliage. I had a lot of fun with the colours.

And I also had fun with the trunk of the tree, which is basically laid and couched work, but I’ve expanded the occaisional use of contrasting couching thread found in some examples of the technique to play with the texture of the bark by using chunky threads laid randomly rather than in the strict grid normally used.

I’m not 100% sure the results are effective, but then that’s what experiments are for. Maybe it’s the colours but it looks very 70s?

Gareth think the bird looks like a diplodocus.

naturally dyed wools, split stitch, stem stitch, laid and couched work and trellis couching on wool

~ by opusanglicanum on November 12, 2013.

15 Responses to “tree two”

  1. I like your modern lollipop trees. They might look a bit 70’s but its cool 😉 (I can nearly remember the 70’s!) I think they are sort of cartoon-like.

    • I rememebr the 70s, at the time I didn’t realise how trendy my mum was. I think I was the only kid in the village with a duvet – ad one with a mary quant cover at that!

  2. It does look like you had fun. Maybe the colours are a bit 70s, although I couldn’t pin down why. Maybe you put the idea in my head?

  3. I like your choice of autumn colors and your “skeletal” leaves. I think you succeeded in your experiment with the trellis coaching.
    But I can’t see where your Gareth sees a diplodocus in the bird. A diplodocus has four legs and can’t raise his head that high (if I don’t mis-remember everything from the dinosaur books around here).
    Anyway, I like the bird and the lollipop trees.

  4. Looks like the 70s and there’s nothing wrong with that.

  5. Yeah, it’s the brown/oranges that is the 70’s thing. I’m liking it, tho! Feels good to go wild with something non-historical, doesn’t it! I feel like a Wild Woman with that Trellis/Lattice Jumbler sampler thing I’m doing.

  6. Was the book in green battlement like couching on the cover??

  7. […] the top of the piece are my favourite part. A distinct 70′s feel (rather like Tanya B’s Lollipop Tree with the brown/orange colours to the […]

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